Why Knockoff Jeans Are The Worst Investment

To buy or not to buy thats the main question about knockoff jeans and we certainly all know why we do desire to buy them. If you buy knockoff jeans and get away with people thinking theyre real then youve achieved a glamorous look for half its actual price. Of course, thats a big if there and you should also consider the potential disadvantages that come with wearing knockoff jeans, which are listed below.

The Quality Just Isnt the Same
When people purchase branded or designer jeans, theyre not really just paying for the name and style alone. A good amount of money may also be attributed to the high quality of materials used for making them. With such quality, customers are instantly and completely assured of comfort when wearing them.

You dont, however, get that when you make do with knockoff jeans. Ask anyone who has ample experience wearing knockoff jeans and theyll tell you that some poor imitations can only boast of looking good on the outside but when worn, they feel absolutely bad next to your skin. Think stiff and rough materials that make your skin itch and actually prove as an impediment to moving.

But thats not only what youll suffer from when it comes to low-quality knockoff jeans. Fake or imitation clothing are also sure to last only for a short while. Authentic designer jeans are an investment, one that can last you a great number of years especially if they have a classic look to them, but knockoff jeans can only be a temporary fashion statement at best, only to be worn a few times before they start getting threadbare and show other signs of wear and tear.

Inaccurate Size Range
Say with a particular designer brand youre guaranteed a perfect fit with an XS or an XL or a Size 6. But with knockoff jeans, you cant expect their manufacturers to adhere to the same size chart and range. If you dont have an average or common sized frame then its possible that the jeans wont be a perfect fit. And remember, when it comes to looking good, the right fit matters just as much as the right style!

What If You Get Caught?
Finally, a lot of people have very negative opinions about those wearing knockoff clothing and apparel, whether its jeans or something else. Even if you get away with wearing them now, what happens if you dont the next time you wear it? Are you willing to risk possible embarrassment for the sake of wearing fake designer jeans?