Affordable Price To Get Asia Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Asia proposes wholesale fashion jewelry is becoming a big business increasingly likely to want the latest fashions from Asia, but found a place to get these accessories may be difficult or very expensive now .. You can find fashion jewelry all the young women you want and at very affordable prices.

One of the hardest things to buy fashion jewelry wholesale in Asia is to find fashion jewelry at a price cheap enough for resale and still make a profit. Online store is an excellent place to begin your search. 0US With only a minimum order, you can buy a ton of jewelry fashion Young ladies, do not break the bank when you do it! Asia foul is the specialty here, and most parts are under. Shipping affordable enough, then you do not have to worry about declining profits.

In the case of jewelry available, you can find all sorts here. This includes parties, sweet and cute, sexy, romantic, unusual, and very elegant. A comprehensive accessories are also available. Over 90 % of young womens jewelry designer jewelry fashion latest custom actions and is updated frequently. The same is true of accessories too. wholesale jewelry in Asia has never been easier to find.

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Most jewelry styles are available in one size only, as are chic and trendy jewelry. It is intended to comply with the junior women small. some Asian Asian wholesale jewelry available in sizes small, medium and large businesses, as well. Since the trend today is to stretch and fashion in an adjusted young woman, is what is available.

Shipping is by Air Mail to most areas of the world and very competitive prices. Orders generally leave warehouse within 5 days and be at your door in a week or two. You do not have to wait a month or more to receive orders. This allows you to get your stuff and get on your tray.

How to identify sterling silver jewelry

How to identify sterling silver jewelry? Silver has been used to make jewelry since in ancient times. Silver jewelry is not expensive, but it has mysterious charming to attract people to wear it. Fine or pure jewelry is too soft to for practical uses. wholesale jewelrywe often mentioned is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 2.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. Today I’ll tell the ways to identify the sterling jewelry.

First, identify them through hallmark. The hallmark often contains the information about the purity of the silver alloy used in production or the handcraft of the silver jewelry, or silversmith or the company which made the piece, or date and location of tradesman. As a matter of fact, these letters are engraved on the silver jewelry and are pretty tiny. Sometimes you can not see or read them by naked eyes. Perhaps you need a loupe or magnifier to help you read them. Second, check the glossiness and color of silver jewelry. Generally speaking, the genuine sterling silver jewelry enjoys pure white color and looks glossy. The fake silver jewelry seems dull and lacks luster on the first sight.

Third, bend the jewelry. The genuine silver can be bent easily but won’t be broken. If the piece need great efforts to bend it which means it contains low percentage of silver. For the jewelry can be bent broken or it become broken after hit by a hammer, it is likely to be silver-clad jewelry. Fake silver is not easy to bend or it’s easy broken by bending.

Fourth, throw the jewelry to know the silver-bearing percentage. Toss the piece lightly and if it spring lowly and with smooth sound when it falls onto floor, the jewelry contains much silver. But if it springs high and clear and loud sound can be heard, the jewelry enjoys poor quality.

Fifth, you can test the jewelry with nitric acid. This is the most direct way and effective way to identify the silver. The merchant or manufacturer is inclined to ask you not to do so. Nitric acid is a harsh industrial chemical that will discolor non-silver items because it is high in copper content. So wearing gloves and goggles for protection is necessary if you are doing the test yourself. Add a drop of nitric acid to an area of the sterling silver jewelry, which cannot be seen after the test. If that part of the jewelry turns pale green, then you can be sure that the piece contains much silver. If it turns deep green or dark, it means that this not sterling silver or any type of silver for that matter. On the other hand, if the part tested turns creamy, the sterling silver jewelry is genuine.

Keep the above-mentioned five ways to identify the silver jewelry; it is not difficult for you to buy the good ones. Silver jewelry is really attractive in itself and many gemstones can be inset in it. Go to the store and choose a piece of silver jewelry for yourself.

Why Jewelry Making Videos Beat Jewelry Making Classes Hands Down

OK. I have to admit right up front that I teach jewelry making classes. So why would I say to you that jewelry making videos are a better option than taking classes?

I’ve learned this from my own experience with my students. Some of my students take my jewelry making classes just because they want to spend some time doing something interesting and enjoy the company of other ladies. They look at jewelry making as just a hobby, and that’s fine.

But my other students take their jewelry making a little more seriously. They want to make quality handmade jewelry for themselves, as gifts for friends and family, or even sell their jewelry for profit. If you are like these students then I recommend jewelry making videos as a more effective teaching tool, and also as a more cost effective option than jewelry making classes.

Why more effective as a teaching tool? It’s pretty simple really. When you learn a new jewelry pattern in class you probably will have forgotten much of it by the time you get home. That’s just how our brains work unfortunately. Even if you take home with you written diagrams showing the jewelry pattern of the piece you learned in class, many people, myself included, just can’t translate a 2-dimensional diagram into a 3-dimensional world.

This can be a very frustrating experience, as I have learned with many of my students. To help my students overcome this I created jewelry making videos showing step-by-step how to create the jewelry pieces we made in class.

What a difference this has made not only in improving the quality of the jewelry pieces my students make, but also in eliminating their frustration level of forgetting how to make the jewelry pieces once they get back home from class.

What a jewelry making video allows you to do is watch every move the teacher makes in close-up detail. But probably more importantly, with a video you can watch the lesson over and over and over again, anytime you want, in the comfort of your own home. It’s like being able to retake the class, for free, as many times as you like. This is especially important when you haven’t made the jewelry piece in a while and you need a refresher. No need to pay for another class!

And that gets to my second point, why videos are more cost effective than jewelry making classes. When you take a class, private or group, you have to pay for the instructor’s time. If you want to learn to make many different jewelry pieces, at $20/hr. for group lessons, and upwards of $40/hr. for private lessons, the cost can really start to add up. In addition, you are limited to learning whatever it is that the instructor wants to teach you.

With jewelry making videos, on the other hand, there is a vast and rapidly growing library of lessons available for viewing on the internet or on DVD. The cost for these lessons is very low, sometimes even free, and you get to own them forever. You never have to pay for them again.

If you are, or are thinking you might become, serious about your jewelry making, I recommend giving video lessons a shot.

Both the playback and the payback are hard to beat.

How To Remove Scratches From Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry has become the excellent term in fashion standards. Currently new styles have incorporated larger pendants on sterling chains leading to a hot trend. It suits with every outfit and can be worn in different occasions from weddings, business lunches and a day of shopping with friends to evening dates.

In Sterling silver chain jewelry fashion we have various new classic styles like Sterling silver chains for pendants, sterling silver bead chain, silk cord, sterling silver chain necklaces, silver anklets, silver bead chain, snake chain, box chain, italian silver chains, gold plated chain. Designing of Silver chain necklace for men has been given a warm welcome around them. This Sterling silver chain jewelry is an investment in quality that stands time to time. Choosing selected pieces can accessorize the wardrobe beautifully.

As we already know silver is a very soft metal, scratches may occur in a very short period of time. If scratches already exist in the silver jewelry, clean it soon before you carry out with your work so that any dirt in the scratches will be removed. To make your silver jewelry look new again, start the process with polishing and cleaning. Polishing is a process of removing the surrounding metal from the core metals. Polishing the silver will make the scratch less noticeable.

Sterling silver omega necklace, long silver chain, bulk sterling silver chain, silver omega necklace, rings, bracelets, etc will be subjected to get bumped or rubbed or will be in contact with other surfaces such that scratches cannot be avoided. If bracelets happens to have any enameled work on it they can be effectively shielded with the help of bare silver plated.

The alternative way is to choose any polishing materials. If you are not satisfied with the silver polish, use common household products such as baking soda or toothpaste to polish the scratches present in them. Be careful in selecting the toothpaste such that it must be a paste, not gel, and must not have any whitening options. If baking soda is used mix it up with hot water.

The other way is to use the cream that can be purchased from the malls to make the Sterling silver chain jewelry accessories shine brighter and remain them with less number of scratches. Give it a try and remember to work in circular motion, it definitely works.

The best way to prevent more scratches for a longer term is to store them in a case or some type of storage boxes. All pieces should be completely dried before being stored. Wrap the silver in flannel or tissue paper before placing the sterling silver chain jewelry accessories in the storage container.

Scratches are almost unavoidable. If you get it re- polished soon enough it will get scratched again. If you keep trying to polish it often it will be a vicious cycle. But the best advice to live without scratches is the only way that can be re-polished now and then.

How to Clean Turquoise Silver Jewelry

Turquoise is a naturally occurring stone, and because of this wonderful factor, cleaning your turquoise silver jewelry with caution is a must. If you take proper care of this gemstone, it could last for generations to come, but if you neglect it, discoloration and disintegration are great possibilities. For those of you who are very busy and wear your turquoise jewelry every day, take a look at this simple list of “dos” and “donts,” but first lets take a look at some of the physical characteristics of this beautiful stone.

Physical Properties of Turquoise
On the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness (the highest are diamonds at 10) turquoise ranks right under 6. If your turquoise gemstone is at the maximum state of hardness, it may only be about as tough as a pane of glass. The porous nature of turquoise causes the stone to have cavities, making it more susceptible to decay and vulnerable to damage. You definitely need to follow these cleaning instructions to ensure your turquoise silver jewelry lasts for many years.

The Dos of Cleaning Turquoise Silver Jewelry
Only use clean water to clean your stone
Dampen a soft cloth or toothpaste (with soft bristles)
Slowly and gently apply and rub the stone
Completely dry the stone The Donts of Cleaning Turquoise Silver Jewelry
Ensure that a jewelry polish never comes into contact with your stone
Dont use hard, dirty bristled toothbrushes or clothes that cause scratches
Never soak or place this water absorbing stone in any liquid, as this may cause erosion
Dont leave your stone damp Additional Turquoise Care
Take off your turquoise jewelry prior to bed, exercise, bathing or sunbathing
Place this opaque mineral in a soft, fabric-lined jewelry box or jewelry bag
Avoid allowing perfume, lotion, cosmetics, or hair spray to come into contact
Never let your children play dress-up with your jewelry Selecting Turquoise Silver Jewelry
If you are excited to get started on cleaning and caring for your turquoise silver jewelry, but dont have any, youre in the right place. Please take a look at our diverse selection of this December birthstone which includes necklaces, earrings, watches, and bracelets. This collection has a wide variety of many lovely shades of blue. For turquoise silver jewelry, please browse through our silver jewelry blog and read our guide for cleaning sterling silver jewelry. You may even find the perfect silver gift for that special occasion, or something to wear to that special occasion!