Jewelry Making Ideas with Faceted Glass Beads

We all know that glass beads are one of the most popular jewelry beads, and faceted glass beads are one shape of the most popular beads. Faceted Glass Beads are available in many different colors and sizes as the same as other glass beads. And here, I would like to share two jewelry making ideas with this kind jewelry beads.

The first jewelry making idea is about a pair of earrings with faceted glass beads and Tibetan style pendants. We need 12pcs red faceted glass beads (about 6mm in diameter), 2pcs alloy Tibetan style chandelier components (about 31mm long, 21mm wide), eyepins, headpins and earring hooks. First, string a red glass bead on a headpin, and use your jewelry plier to make a loop at the top of bead. Beading 9pcs more beads like this. Second, attach 5pcs beaded faceted glass beads on rings of alloy chandelier component one by one. Third, string a glass bead on an eyepin, and use jewelry plier to make a loop at the other end. Attach the alloy chandelier component on a loop of eyepin. Fourth, use your jewelry plier to attach the other loop of eyepin on the ring of earring hook. Fifth, repeat the four steps to create the other piece of earring for a pair. Till now, a pair of beautiful Tibetan style glass beads earrings is finished.

The second jewelry making idea I want to share is a necklace. The materials you need to prepare are handmade lampwork pendant (about 45.5X20mm), 2pcs oval shaped lampwork beads, some faceted glass beads in different colors and sizes (light blue and AB purple, 4~8X4~6mm), jewelry wire, 2 strands f black nylon thread, 2pcs cord ends, lobster claw clasp. First, string purple glass beads on ball headpins (one bead on one pin), and use jewelry plier to make loop at top. Second, cut off a length of jewelry wire, and string all the faceted glass beads, lampwork beads and lampwork pendant on wire like the layout on picture. Third, use crimp beads and crimp plier to attach the two ends of wire on two strands of black nylon cords separately. Fourth, use cord ends to combine nylon cords, and attach lobster clasp and jump ring on two cord ends separately. Now, a beautiful handmade necklace is finished. The color is very suitable for both spring and summer.

How To Make Handmade Wire Rings For Jewelry Making Enthusiasts

All wire jewelrycrafters ought to understand how to produce handmade jump rings. Jump rings certainly are a critical element of most items of jewellery you will produce. While a person can commercially made jump rings, there are many many benefits to making do-it-yourself jump rings. When you are able produce your own jump rings, they are consistently the exact size they need to be.You are able to make them from your choice of metal. You are able to customise your jump rings in any respect that you need if you manufacture them yourself. If it becomes clear that your jump ring is just too large, you can easily help it become just a bit smaller sized. It truly is much more difficult to work with a commercial jump ring smaller on its own – though it is possible with a bit of effort.

Making handmade jump rings does take some practice. If you’d like to make handmade jump rings, it is suggested for you to practice this skill to get used to creating the rings neatly. As your skill improves you’ll see that the jump rings become better and better. If you only generate jump rings, as you need them, you probably aren’t giving yourself ample practice. A top-notch recommendation would be to sit and relax with a mug of tea and your favorite tv program and make homemade jump rings to your heart’s content! Within an hour’s time, you should have an abundance of handmade jump rings, but most importantly you’ll discover that your ability has improved and your rings are visibly improved.

There are some concerns whenever you make do-it-yourself jump rings. Lots who make homemade jump rings find that their jump rings just don’t fit together as perfectly as the commercially made jump rings do. This can be sorted with a little bit of wiggling and effort. Sometimes it is advisable to file the ends flat and smooth to help make the homemade jump rings lie flat. Take a look at jump ring closely to determine what precisely the trouble could be. With a little persistence, you can expect to realize that you can indeed coaxe your jump ring to lie flat.

Sometimes jewelry creators discover that their rings seem too malleable. Such things happen when you are using “dead soft” wire for your homemade jump rings. This is the softest temper available. There are a number of easy ways to harden wire, but If you don’t want to harden your homemade jump rings, then perhaps you want to get started with half-hard wire to create them from. Now you have an ideal way make your own jump rings that are a little more durable.

Newbies to making wire jewelry should take jump ring making as a quest to achieve. Wire simply needs to be properly understood and grasping how to make jump rings is an additional way to further your journey to mastering wire. As your skill set gets better so you tame the wire, you’ll realize that you can actually control your wire. Creating these handmade jump rings will also give you more self-confidence as a wire work jewelry maker. Imagine what other wire jewelry projects you’ll want to accomplish next!

Jewelry Gifts-their Implications

Jewelry Gifts-Their Implications

A vast majority of people think jewelry is a brilliant gift idea for a girl. There are various reasons for it, the foremost being that it is cherishable and lasting. It is a safe choice because no matter what type of a personality she has, as long as she is a girl, she will love the jewelry. Another reason for giving jewelry as a gift is that it is available in many price ranges from economical to the most expensive piece out there. Jewelry is also an adaptable gift item and can be given in combination to other things for example branded perfume, shower gels, cosmetic, chocolates and many more. It can also be an asset in bad times for example a gold, or a silver ring can not only be insured but also sold and treated like a liquid asset in worst comes to worst scenario.

Considering the above, jewelry is one of the foremost choices as a gift item. An important aspect of giving jewelry as a gift is its significance in defining or re-defining new or existing relationships. The boyfriend of a friend of mine was having difficulty in sending his parents with a formal proposal and at the same time he wanted to secure his relationship before going abroad for studies, so just before he left, he got his girlfriend a pair of branded, 22 carat gold earrings.In the years to come, she cherished the gift and waited for him till they got married.

The cultural aspect is very important in case of giving jewelry gifts. For example, in the Indo-Pak sub-continent, if a man gives a woman any jewelry article; it definitely means that he is interested in either marrying her or it can be very safely assumed, that he would like to engage in some sort of a relationship with her. Just what he chooses to give and the price range versus his income analysis (the value of the gift as a percentage of income); can clarify any other grey areas including how many other girlfriends he has.

Usually if a guy chooses to give artificial or silver jewelry, he is just contemplating something more than just friendship but he is in the initial stages of the relationship and is not too sure or maybe he is just not serious enough to take it up to the marriage. However, if he chooses to spend a considerable amount of money maybe as much as one-month salary on a gold ring, or a high value silver ring, he is definitely serious. In the end, it is not about the price tag on the gift amount but the percentage of the income that he spent on the gift that matters. It shows how much he cares. (I can see many older women scoffing my ideas as being too materialistic, but hey money matters!).If the guy chooses to go jewelry shopping with you, it means he wants you to improve your choice of jewelry and even though he is not embarrassed of being seen with you, but he would definitely want you to change more towards his liking.

Now comes the second part; what you choose to give as a gift and what it signifies. If you are a girl and you are giving jewelry to another girl, it means you came across a good deal on a clearance sale. No, that was just a joke, no offense to all the girls out there. In my life, I have received maximum jewelry gifts from other women. The reason being, they know you well enough to know what you would like as a gift. Usually girls never give out rings as a single item and give it in a combination with earrings, bracelets, anklets, hair accessories or any other combo. But if a guy gives you a ring of any form, in combination or solitaire, see RED every where both the danger sign as well as the love sign. If you are based in the Indo-Pak sub-continent, you should see RED even if a guy chooses to give you an anklet, or a nose pin. These two items signify, with varying intensity, that either a woman is committed or married. Guys if you want stay clear of sending out any unintentional signals; keep your gifts neutral if she is just a friend. This means that rather than giving out a necklace etc give her a jewelry box or a fancy jewelry pouch. Do not make combinations with chocolates, cosmetics, and jewelry items like rings, anklets and nose-pins as they are a definite lead on.

In short, apart from social taboos, gifts should be chosen with care especially if they involve jewelry giving appropriate consideration to the hidden meanings and the implications of your gift. It is necessary to take this in regard because it will be the defining moment for your future relationship whether you want to keep it just friends full stop or you want it to be a new start of something more special.

Best Game Ideas For A Home Jewelry Party

Games at jewelry home shows can take the pressure off the guests. Games are fun and it always adds excitement to any occasion, so why not have it on your jewelry party? Its not just about selling and buying jewelries its also about having fun and enjoying the time that you spend at the party. Heres some game ideas fit for a jewelry party.

I would recommend the so called memory game , the idea is to put several kinds of jewelry pieces on a tray, let everyone take a look for just a few minutes maybe 2-3 min the most. Then have them write as many pieces of the jewelry that they can remember from that tray. The person with the most pieces described or written wins the game. It is interesting also when you have the guests do games that allow them to be acquainted with the jewelry. That way it ignites their interests of buying the items, especially when they get to try it on.

It is the responsibility of the host to entertain and motivate your guests to buy your pieces and at the same time have fun. When you host a jewelry party one of the fun and easy game to play is Give me what I want, this game is played by asking any item from your guests, just anything that you can see around the place or any item from their purses even the ones they have on, like a shoe, a bracelet, a tie just anything you can think of. And to make it more challenging, be more specific with the items that you are asking for, example give me a pink lipstick or give me a red flats of course you also have to be sure that the items are possible to find. The winner or should I say winners is the one who handed you the items first, so be ready and be creative with your prizes as well.

Another ideal game to play is the jewelry scavenger hunt. Each party guest is handed a piece of paper with a written clue describing one of the pieces of jewelry on the display table, example sapphire earrings, whoever has that clue will have to find that piece of jewelry on the table. Each clue is for a different piece of jewelry. The first 3 to find the piece that matches the clue on their paper wins the game. Or it could be the last 3 to accomplish the activity gets the prize. You can always make revisions and present a more challenging game. Good luck!

Tips For Choosing The Silver Jewelry

It is firmly believed that silver jewelry is getting more and more popular in the recent years. Of course, this kind of jewelry is also a hot trend for the reason that this kind of jewelry is relatively cheap compared with some expensive jewelry like gold or diamond. It is widely said that a silver ring or a gold ring has been the most common choice in the traditional wedding for a long time. You may wonder the reason why the silver ring is so popular in the wedding. As a matter of fact, this kind of jewelry is of the low price compared with other wedding rings, such as gold or platinum rings. As we all know, silver has been used to make rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants and so on. This kind of metal has been in the jewelry business for a long time and, recently, people have a tendency to choose the chic jewelry items made of silver. Indeed, this type of jewelry item has attracted men and women who don’t want to spend too much in buying new jewelry. This kind of jewelry is surely a good choice for most of the people who want to buy something cheap and fashionable.

Cheap Silver Jewelry is getting increasingly popular in the recent jewelry market. It is also said that this kind of jewelry is very famous among the young people, so much so that an increasing number of couples tend to choose this kind of jewelry to wear in their wedding. There is no denying the fact that sterling silver does not cost as much as gold or platinum but holds the same status of elegance and luxuriousness as other jewelry items do. And it is firmly believed that silver jewelry offers a great option for people who want to wear jewelry and do not want to spend a lot in buying new jewelry. It is widely said that when you are choosing a silver ring for your sweetheart as a wedding ring, in addition to your preference, as a matter of fact, there are a few things to take into account due to the fact that there are a good range of designs available in the market today, so much so that you can have a good number of choices. Do chooses the most suitable and fashionable style and design. There is no doubt that something that would match your preference will be your best choice.

Therefore, fitting your taste is the most important factor if you are going to buy new jewelry. In addition to the factor of great importance listed above, you are also needed to clean your silver jewelry you have bought with a recommended cleaning solution which may be bought at your local jewelry shop. In this way, you can save a lot of money. Of course, all the silver jewelry displayed will certainly be provided with a free lifetime warranty. This is also the main reason why this kind of jewelry can be so popular now.

Cheap Pearl Jewelry comes in various styles and designs as well. It is also said that this kind of jewelry will be your best choice if you are going to buy something cheap and stylish to wear. From what we have discussed above, we can safely draw the conclusion that silver jewelry is in possession of many advantages compared with some other kinds of jewelry. Of course, it is also said that when you are selecting the jewelry for the person you love most, you are needed to give careful consideration of all the aspects listed above. Do take action as soon as possible please! As a matter of fact, to choose jewelry of the right style is surely of great importance. Do pick out the most suitable jewelry from so many options available in the recent jewelry market according to your personal taste.