Plus Size Clothing Need Not Be Embarrassing

Dressing up need not be nerve-wracking. It should be fun and exciting given the many cool designs and styles available nowadays. If you are plus size you might think that you do not have a place in this fashionable world. And this notion is absolutely untrue. Plus-size clothing for teens is now readily available, and you can find them everywhere.

In the malls, you will find plus-size clothing in regular stores and any teenager can dress in any type of fashion they prefer. You can also find stores that cater solely to plus-sizes. In stores like these all the sizes and styles are meant to fit those with bigger builds, and so the fabric and the design will go perfectly well with your body.

Another option you have is online shopping. There are now countless online-based businesses that are dedicated to this. They carry a lot of designs and styles and it is a more convenient way to shop because you do not have to go out of the house to find what you want. You can do the shopping in the comforts of your home. The only problem with this one is that you cannot fit the clothes prior to purchasing, so you might want to be familiar with your size first before buying too much from a single company or site.

Finally, be frivolous and play with colours and fabrics. Let your personality speak with the clothes you wear and make a statement that speaks much about you. You can mix and match clothes to find pairs that will say about who you really are. Additionally, there are stores that actually make clothes as per the customer’s design so if you are interested to have clothes custom-made for you then you can give this a try as well.

There is so much about dressing that you have to understand as a teenager, but one thing that you should never forget is that dressing up is a fun thing to do, not to mention the shopping you have to do to be able to support the dressing up part.

You can easily mask the unflattering parts of your body, so as long as you know which style best suits your body type and which garment type best compliments your curves. Another thing that you ought to realise is the power of accessorising. There are so many accessory shops that sell necklaces, clips, earrings, bracelets, and all sorts of fun additions that you can use. You merely have to understand how each one is used and how each can successfully hide your flaws.

Once you have perfected this art, there should not be any reason for you to fear dressing up.

Decorative Knots Few Interesting Facts About Their Types

A decorative knot, also known as fancy knot, is basically a type of complex knots exhibiting repeating patterns. This type of knot can be used for practical or aesthetic purposes and anglers are also using decorative knots for years in fishing. Decorative knots, those are used for fishing, can be of various types. They are briefly discussed below:

Buglars Braid: The Buglars Braid is a kind of decorative knots that has many practical usages. One needs to shorten a cord, line or rope to tie this up. Interestingly, you need not to cut it and you can easily untie it to any point.

Carrick Bend: The Carrick Bend is a symmetrical decorative knot that is most likely the nearest of the bends. The anglers love it as its easy to tie and it has good holding as well. One needs to wet the ropes to tie this up so that it doesn’t jam while making it relatively easy to untie.

Chain Sennit: The Chain Sennit is an older term for a decorative which is known as Drummers Plait. This type of knot has to tie in an interesting technique, where the primary purpose is to form linked loops, which will shorten the cord. This type of knot is mostly used in making jewelries while these are equally popular in fishing too.

Cockscombing: Cockscombing is a form of decorative knot that is used for hitching by using rings rails and handles. This type of knots are also usable for making a surface heat proof such as handles of cooking appliances or surfaces where friction causes them to heat up.

Good Luck Knot: Good Luck Knot is of Chinese origin. As this kind of decorative knot maybe attached to zippers, thus it becomes more interesting among users. Sometime these knots are also usable in hanging stuffs from car rear-view mirror or simply placed where ever one feels good luck and beauty is required.

Hackamore Knot: Hackamore Knot is the most popular decorative knot as its application as a head piece for animals has always been dubious and its long gone out of fashion for that purpose.

Josephine Knot: The Josephine Knot is an ancient design which is more than two thousand years older. It is basically made of common decorative patterns as multiples of the knot and left flat. The knot is made of common decorative patterns and the knot is regularly sighted in military braids apart from its usability in fishing. The knot is also known as Double Coin Knot.

Lanyard Loop Knot: The Lanyard Loop, besides being attractive, makes a useful loop with decorative bulb for attaching items such as key rings, knives etc. In addition to that it is equally alluring for anglers as they can attach their lures with this type of knots easily and its comparatively easy to tie.

Man O’ War Sheepshank: The Man O’ War Sheepshank is a kind of decorative knot that can be used to by-pass damaged line without the need to cut and splice. This knot makes a decorative display for those who are wishing to brighten up a room or display board.

Manrope Knot: The Manrope knot is often used as a decorative stopper knot and is also used at the end of ropes. The knot can be used from the either side of a gangway or to stop a lanyard from slipping.

Masthead Knot: The Masthead Knot is a decorative knot that was essentially formed to provide three or four loops. This is tied around a temporary mast through which it stays can be attached.

Matthew Walker Knot: The Matthew Walker Knot is an attractive stopper knot which is a form of decorative knot that can either be tied mid or at the end of rope.

Monkey Chain: Monkey Chain is a kind of decorative that is really popular among anglers. Apart from its usability in fishing, the knot is also popular for other usages as well.

Navy Sheepshank: The Navy Sheepshank knot can be used to by-pass damaged line. One does not need to cut and splice this decorative knot. Apart from its usability in fishing, this knot is also used for decorative display to brighten up a room or display board.

Ocean Plait Mat: The Ocean Plait Mat decorative knots makes a most decorative entrance for any home or galley.

Oysterman’s Knot: When fully formed the Oystermans knot provides a solid and dependable stopper knot. This type of decorative knot is best employed because of its bulk.

Reef Knot: The Reef knots sole purpose is to tie off a single line and this acts as a binding knot. Therefore it will always be work in line of equal weight, texture and size.

Ringbolt Hitching: Ringbolt Hitching is a special kind of decorative knot that is often used for rings rails and handles. Apart from being an attractive hitching, Ringbolt Hitching is also a useful method of heat-proofing surfaces such as handles of cooking appliances.

Sailor’s Knife Lanyard Knot: The Sailor’s Knife Lanyard Knot is a kind of decorative knot that makes a useful loop with decorative bulb for attaching items such as key rings, knives etc.

Shake Hands Bend: The Shake Hands Bend is a form of decorative knots, which is an excellent line joining bend, highly usable for light cordage through to heavier ropes. These knots are specially popular among users as these are easy to tie, easy to adjust and easy to untie.

Shamrock Knot: Shamrock Knots is a type of decorative knot that maybe attached to zippers, hung from car rear-view mirrors. Further, these can simply placed where ever one feels good luck and beauty is required.

Sheepshank with a Sword Knot: The Sheepshank with a Sword Knot can be used to by-pass damaged line that doesnt need to cut and splice. This type of decorative knot makes a decorative display for those wishing to brighten up a room or display board.

Single Strand Diamond Knot: Single Strand Diamond Knot is specially loved by anglers as its easy to tie and its equally usable too. Moreover, the knot is also usable for enhancing the decore of any interior.

Square Knot: The Square Knot is best known as a Reef Knot. But when the knot is used in decorative and macrame work it is best known as the Square Knot.

Tack Knot: The Tack Knot is a kind of knot that is often used as a decorative stopper knot. It is also used at the end of ropes on either side of a gangway. Further its is usable to stop a lanyard from slipping.

The Perfect Look With Your Silk Ties


The problem with fashion is that there are no rules; only opinions usually derived from our experiences of what we believe should look good and fashionable. The ‘opinions’ of our label is what you will find here and whilst fashion changes, so may our ‘opinions’. All this said, the following is a guide to what Distino currently believe makes the perfect modern tie look.

The 10 tie fashion rules to swear by:

1. Learn to tie the perfect Windsor knot as it is clearly the most important step in creating the perfect tie look. Almost any tie will look good if tied correctly…..although Distino ties will look the best.

2. Whilst many men are wearing stripe ties with checked shirts and visa versa, Distino believe that this is hard to pull off and get right. Stay clear of this look……wear checked ties with checked or plain shirts and striped ties with striped or plain shirts. You can’t go wrong with this…..for now.

3. Generally speaking, for shirts and ties to work well together you need to have some of the same colours or shades from the tie in the shirt. This rule does not apply for plain white shirts. You can get away with just about any colour tie with a plain white shirt. E.g. Don’t wear your favourite purple tie with your light blue shirt….even if you’re wife tells you it looks good.

4. Be bold when buying for yourself…even if you’re not a bold person. Great comments will come with all Distino silk ties, although you will get even more if your tie stands out from the crowd.

5. Choose a tie by occasion. E.g. don’t wear your pure white silk tie to work (it may not make it home).

6. Choose a great looking pair of cufflinks to either match the tie in colour (as with our full collection) or to match the shirt or suit patterns you plan to wear.

7. Get the length of your tie right. This comes back to tying the knot well – which will come with practice. Aim for the tip of the tie to finish just on your belt line.

8. Keep your tie in good presentable condition. Yes, Distino silk ties can be dry cleaned and keep well after being dry cleaned.

9. Store your ties carefully. If you’re lazy, keep the the knot tied and hang it over the neck of a coat hanger in the wardrobe. Your ties will be stored without creasing and you only need to tie the perfect Windsor knot once!

10. When buying a silk tie from the Distino collection as a gift, play it safe if you don’t know the fashion habits of the wearer. We would suggest something along the lines of No.’s 32, 17 or 35 – blue shades or a classy green as opposed to the aquas or burnt oranges of No.’s 36 and 12.

We have to reiterate that the above rules are only an opinion……it’s just that in this case it is the right opinion.

Garment Up Games for the Style Conscious

Garment up game titles are the best for women who appreciate trend. If you have a passion for being a model or just adore dressing up dolls, this is a complete new way for you to have an adventure. Dress up games online give you a subject, clothing, add-ons, and a lot more to execute with. There are a range of various video games this kind of as anime, futuristic, princess, and much much more. Not only do you have some fairly excellent alternatives for themes, you also have special backgrounds, prime level graphics and it is totally free.

So, what do gown up game titles actually supply you? An case in point is necessary so you can realize the complete concept. Think about Snow Princess as a concept. This recreation is primarily based on the tale of snow princess. You will get the history story on snow princess to discover out where she comes from, why she is named the snow princess, and even how she can handle snow in her stunning kingdom. Music accompanies the snow princess sport, along with graphics this kind of as animals, birds, and snow that will be in the track record transferring. g.

The dress up games vary in topic and how they operate. With snow princess you can take away the hair, jewellery, and gown to change it with other choices. It is a click and drag approach. With Snow White you click on on the attire to see it modeled, but do not have to drag them onto Snow White; the identical with her hair, equipment, and footwear.

Once you are completed enjoying any of the games you can hit finish and print the photo. You get to record all the style designs you produce for images on your wall or to indicate your close friends at college when you play gown up matches. Very best of all there is no registration choice enabling any little one that can operate a laptop or computer to have fun. It does not require permission from adults since you and your pals are just enjoying with avatars primarily based on a particular subject.

Other themes presented consist of PomPom Cheerleader, Seashore Getaway gown up, Mystical Mermaid, Popular Woman Dress Up, Trendy Youthful Lady, Summer Colours, Inception, Tiramisu Cooking, and a lot more. Gown up game titles are not just for women. Boys can take pleasure in the numerous matches as well with Boys Vogue, Magic Gown up, Motion Gown up, and much much more.

There is some thing for everybody in this innovative principle of dress up games. Anyone who does not see the recreation they want to perform can do a search and discover far more ideas in the database. There are much more than just gown up games on these websites. For illustration there is also Smiley Variation in which you have to spot the difference between characters that are 3D smiley faces. The idea here is to get the top rating doable, while discovering the variations. It is a wonderful small break from the dress up games that do not present a score, but a photograph reward in the finish. For women and boys who enjoy vogue gown up games are best.

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dress up games.

Influence of Marine Corp Jackets on Fashion Trends

Remember the sporty and stylish look of Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson in the film -A Few Good Men-. Their uniforms’ along with their power-packed dialogs and histrionics played an important role in the film. Also, it makes you realize that a person in uniform commands respect on-screen, as well as, off-screen, and that must be the reason for the entertainment industry’s obsession with military uniforms. Actors, singers, fashion moguls and even politicians have all at least once in their careers displayed their patriotism wearing Military uniforms.

To cash in on the patriotic fashion trends, many businesses, including online stores stock a variety of Military Uniforms, Jackets, accessories, etc. Marine Corp jackets have a long history; they have been in use since the beginning of the 19th century. These uniforms have the rare distinction of displaying all the three colors of our national flag. Though, the dress has undergone a few changes from its earlier version of the blue jacket combined with red trim in the 19th century. In the modern days, there are primarily three categories of dresses. Blue, Blue-White dress and evening dress, though evening dress is for a certain rank of officers only. Some of the popular Maine Corp jackets available online are:

Reversible Marine Corp Fleece Jacket: As the name suggests, you can reverse it and use it, as well. It looks stylish and sporty on both sides, and has a USMC emblem on both the sides. A great advantage of this jacket is that you get two jackets for the price of one! The fleece lining offers warmth, while the exteriors of the jacket keep you protected from rain, snow, and dust. It has a detachable hood and is easy to wash.

Marines Corps Satin Jacket: The words -The Few. The Proud. The Marines- embroidered on the back with a Marines logo; is definitely a great addition to your wardrobe collection. It also has a USA flag on the left-hand shoulder. A high quality, lightweight jacket offers warmth and protection from snow, dust, etc. Also, a red satin jacket with the same description is available. A slight modification of the black/red satin Marine jacket is the USMC Semper Fi Red Satin Jacket.

Marine Corps Windbreaker Jacket: With a detachable hood and two zipper pockets, this high-quality jacket offers great protection from rain, snow and keeps you warm inside.

The market for US Marine Corps jackets is on the rise, with more and more patriots and fashion conscious people looking for ways to make a display of their patriotism with a pinch of style. Wearing a Military uniform not only displays feelings of respect and love towards their country, but also protects them from natural elements such as cold weather, snow, rain, dust, even from road accidents.

Honor Country is an online retailer of military memorabilia and patriotic novelty items such as caps, jackets, license plate frames, mugs, decals & stickers, lanyards, lapel pins, flags etc. representing the US Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and the Marine Corps ( ). To read more about the US Marine Corps uniforms, you may visit