Pearl Jewelry- A New Fashion Statement

It has its presence in ancient times as well. Queens used to wear heavy jewelry as for them is it is the matter of public display. It increases the beauty of any women. They look prettier when they wear it. It adds 4 moons in the beauty of brides. Women are fond of any kind of precious materials whether it is pearl, diamonds, gold, silver, platinum or any other precious stones. They are available from head to toe. Among all these pearl jewelry is becoming the most popular.
In the ancient era only royal people use to wear pearls. But later on common people have also started using these gems. They are pure and a perfect gift suitable for all ages. They suit with all attires. Jeans, suits, saris, evening gowns, wedding gowns and wedding dress all goes well with pearls.
Pearl is available in many colors and that is why it is most preferred because one can easily match it with her attire. Girls are generally fond of wearing those ornaments which goes with their dress very well. They are fond of wearing matching ornaments and for them pearl is the best option. Pearl has natural glory and it attracts everybodys attention because of its glow and beauty. So, if anybody wants to add some awesome precious items in her collection then you are surely looking for pearls.
Pearl necklace and pearl choker are very famous. They are famous because of their dazzling beauty and tranquil style. Pearl choker is a neck-hugging necklace and they are having the combination of luster and smooth pearls. They are having about 14 to 16 length and their length can be easily adjusted according to the requirement. They give an elegant, unique and graceful look to the female wearing them. One can choose either choose single color pearl choker or multiple color chokers.
Pearls are becoming the weakness of every lady because of their dazzling looks and cool touch. White color pearl gives you the touch of both simplicity and beauty. Many kinds of pearls are available so one can easily choose from variety of options. Generally pearl is mixed with other gemstones while making ornaments. Combination of pearl and turquoise is an excellent combination and it gives an exotic look to the ornament that is being made from the combination of both. They are available at an affordable price as well. As pearl is available in various designs and shapes so it is easy for the artist to mix them with other stones. By doing this they can create marvelous designs.

If you are looking for something unique for a party and something that goes well with your dress then you are looking for pearl jewelry. It makes you look more stylish, trendy, and unique. Pearls can easily increase beauty and elegance of the lady wearing them.

Ecological Pearl farming at a glance

A pearl is basically derived from a shelled mollusk. It is made up of calcium carbonate and is usually hard and spherical in shape. Because of their beauty and rarity, people have developed a sort of craziness for pearls, especially women. And probably that’s why Pearl farming has emerged as one of the largest commercial industry in the past few decades. It is the process whereby cultured pearls are grown on farms. Many oysters are then nucleated and reared for around two to five years, to develop into a pearl. But the farm needs utmost care throughout the process since it can be easily destroyed by both controllable and uncontrollable factors.

Tahitian pearl farms have been very popular in the past and still their popularity is touching new heights every single day. Interestingly, despite the name Tahitian Pearls, they are not a product of Tahiti Island and Tahiti doesn’t posses any pearl farms at all. Most of them are located in French Polynesia. A Tahitian pearl is a combination of black and green color. These pearls are produced in black lipped oyster naming -Pinctada margaritifera-. These pearls are not completely black but are also available in many other colors like: – green, silver and charcoal. Proper black color pearls are extremely beautiful and rare to find.

Indeed, these pearls are an eye candy but have we ever thought what it cost to get the delight of these pearls. Many pearl farmers are using inappropriate methods for pearl cultivation which is damaging our ecosystem. We should not forget that in our need and greed, that we are also disturbing the nature and exploiting the resources. Sustainable pearl farming methods of aquaculture should be adopted by the farmers so that our fragile ecosystem is not disturbed. We must respect the nature and always use most sustainable farming methods. Moreover, today the customers also value the products more which are nurtured in a respectful and sustainable manner.

The farmers can also opt for ecological pearl farming methods to avoid the wastage of natural resources. Ecological farming ensures healthy food and farming solutions, for today and tomorrow. It basically promotes the idea of protecting biodiversity, soil, water and climate and not using chemical based fertilizers and pesticides. Adopting ecological farming methods reduces the risk of soil erosion.

A Guide To Pearl Jewelry Reseller

Customers who yearn for pearl jewelry are following a tradition that extends back though the ages . According to legend , Cleopatra ground up a pearl in a cup of wine and told Marc Antony she was swallowing a country’s riches .British monarchs, including Queen Elizabeth I and King Henry VIII, adorned their necks and wardrobes with pearls .To the ancient Greeks , pearls represented love and marriage ,an association that grew over the years . Pearls and marriage are still linked in the public consciousness today .According to the Cultured Pearl Information Center (CPIC), 37% of all pearls sold in the United States are purchased for bridal occasions .The bridal market is the second largest U.S. market for pearl sales, next to holiday purchase (42% of sales) . Pearls items are extremely appropriate for bridal-party gifts , but because pearl necklace are a classic complement to a business suit ,they’re also appropriate gifts to mark graduations and promotions. They’re june’s birthstone and a traditional gift for third and 30th anniversaries . It’s no wonder the pearl’s popularity has persisted .

After all , it’s the only gem formed within a living creature . A mollusk produces a pearl to protect itself against irritants caught inside its body ,like sand and parasites .The animal coats the intruder with nacre , a natural substance that’s also part of the inside of its shell . The layers build on top of each other , a process that produce the pearl’s luster . This rarely happen in nature . Declining environmental quality and commercial fishing have wreaked havoc on the world’s natural oyster beds .Today , jewelry lovers looking for natural pearl ring usually have to comb estate jewelry collections to find them . Indeed, until the development of commercial pearl cultivation , only the wealthy could afford these natural jewels . Today , more pearls on the market are cultured , a process that blends mollusk activity with human ingenuity . A shell bead is surgically implanted in the oyster or mussel , stimulating it to produce a pearl jewelry . A lay person would need a X-ray in order to tell the difference between a natural and a cultural pearl . Although he didn’t invent the process , Kokichi Mikimoto- the famed “Pearl King”-helped develop the best method for culturing pearl necklaces on a large scale in the early 1900s . Saltwater oyster and freshwater mollusks produce different types of cultured pearls .

Tips To Fashionably Match Pearl Jewelry To Wardrobe And Skin Tone

Matching your pearl jewelry to certain factors like wardrobe and skin tone may seem quite confusing for some. Yes there are times when we just cant make up our minds, most especially when the subject is our own appearance. Well then this article is guaranteed to aid you to match your pearl jewelry to your skin tone and clothing.

Pearls and Wardrobe

When matching your pearl jewelry to your wardrobe it is essential that you ponder on the following questions:
What is your lifestyle?
What type of clothing do you wear and what colors do you prefer?
What type pf pearl jewelry will best suit the clothes that you wear?
Do you wear mostly casual or corporate attire?

1.If you are the modern woman of the world who competes with men in the business arena, wear high quality perfectly round pearls. These luxurious pieces look best in business or formal attires and will certainly complement your elegance and sophistication. Add a classic pearl circle pin or gold and a pearl brooch.

2.Accessorize with classic round pearls if you are wearing formal gowns. These pearls are suitable for garments like these. Keep in mind to pick the right size and color of pearls.

3.For cocktail parties or high fashion events, take out your long length pearl necklaces combined with topaz, garnet, tourmaline and lapis beads. This will create a high-end fashion statement.

4.Your daytime casual wear requires a softer look. Wear a single-strand necklace with moderate-sized pearls in modest lengths. This type of pearl jewelry is definitely fitting for this attire.

5.Try mixing different pearl necklaces together to match your outfit. You just have to remember the rule of opposites. If you are wearing something with a lighter hue, wear a dark-shaded pearl necklace such as purple, champagne or blue.

Pearls and Skin Tone

When you are buying pearl jewelry, most especially necklaces, it will be best to base your choice on the color of the skin tone of the person it is intended for.

6.Matching a pearl jewelry to light skinned women is a very easy undertaking. Fair-skinned ladies have a big range of color choices. They can go for white and pink, yet at the same time will look good in purple and green. However, they should avoid wearing black pearls. This type of pearl will make you look way older than your age. The classic creamy-pinkish white is very flattering for lighter skin tones.

7.If you possess that exotic dark skin, choose white pearls with silver or bright blue overtones. Silver and gold colored pearls will add glow to your skin. Choose a piece of pure pearl jewelry or pearls interspersed with other shiny materials. A demure strand of pearl necklace embellished with small sized diamonds is just the accessory for you.

8.Generally, dark-colored and gray colored pearls give a striking effect on all skin types.

You can never go wrong with pearl jewelry. You just have to learn the techniques of mix-matching. You can try the tips you have just learned, or you can browse further for more of our amazing and super surefire tips.

How Much Do Pearl Necklaces Cost

You be capable of pay out $15.00 for a freshwater pearl necklace of genuine pearls, or estimate for a South Sea Pearl Necklace prepared of record breaking size pearls from 16mm to 20mm that sold at Sotheby’s for $2,310,000.00 However here is the thing, you can acquire a flawless, round, matched, Freshwater Cultured Lavender Pearl Necklace and spend $10,000.00. or more And if one were to purchase a Cultured South Sea Pearl necklace of milky, pitted, non-round pearls, $100.00 might be paying too much.

Luster is the only characteristic unique to a pearl. It is the value of the Luster that gives the pearl necklace its radiant radiance. Pearls are not merely reflective. Pearls have smolder that comes from glow dazzling off of the many layers of nacre. A beautiful pearl will have a great luster that glows.

Good luster also means the pearl necklace will last longer since the feature is directly related to the depth of the nacre. The thicker the nacre, the superior the luster and the longer the pearl will endure since thin nacre equals short life. Lightweight nacre can rapidly peel or flake. Jewelers will base 70% of their appraised worth on luster.

As much as 30% of the appraised price or more can go towards contour. While pearls can be formed like a rice crispy to near on target roundness. A seamlessly globular pearl is a rare pearl, and rarity equals high price. Given that many of the not-round freshwater pearl necklaces have such extraordinary luster, at times roundedness is not set as much rate.

Tint is central, for the reason that tint is individual. Color is not as painless to without prejudice calculate to the same extent luster or shape. Color is distinctive to the kind of pearl, and colors are to some extent trend oriented. What may be in style now may be out of grace next year. Color is a complete analysis in itself, plus is a major worth when in view of a piece of jewelry such as a pearl necklace.

Dimension is repeatedly the primary thing that an inexperienced pearl shopper will jump at. If all things were one and the same, luster, nacre, shape, and color then dimension would be the influential cause when buying a pearl necklace. All over again back to scarcity, bigger pearls are usually elder within both category of pearl. For case in point a 10mm akoya is a mammoth akoya, whereas a 10mm South Sea Pearl is a small South Sea Pearl.

Excellence is the pearl value that grades the whole outside and luster. Pearls may have indentations and pits in the facade but still have great luster. A pearl may also have faultless roundness but be cloudy looking. A flawlessly spherical pearl with unbelievable luster has the superior trait.

Unless we are talking about a solitaire or pendant necklace then Matching is a merit that matters to a pearl necklace. With all the above traits are categorized then the pearls need to all match. This is no simple feat for the craftsman who is assembling a necklace, because there are all the above values to take into account when putting together a pearl necklace.

All of these values are somewhat personal, but only within limits. There must be some concord amongst the bidders at Sothebys, for the selling quote of a South Sea Pearl Necklace to arrive at over 2,000,000 USD. Wouldn’t you be in agreement?