Tips For Selecting Wedding Pearls

How should a bride-to-be decide which type of pearls to wear on her wedding day and how to effectively accessorize her bridesmaids? The aim of this guide is to give straightforward and easy-to-follow advice. When choosing bridal pearls, your main consideration should be your overall theme. Your jewelry should fit the tone of your day and enhance your look. It should also reflect your personality.

For a traditional theme, a white or ivory Akoya or Freshwater pearl set would be perfect. A more modern bride choosing a contemporary theme would find white South Sea pearls most fitting and black Tahitian or golden South Sea pearls would work best with a tropical theme.

Pearl necklace lengths are determined by the neckline of your wedding gown. A 16″choker is the only appropriate length to wear with a neckline that sits above the collarbone. A slightly lower neckline works well with 17-18″ strings. A plunging neckline can accommodate up to 22″ and makes a dramatic statement. A 32″ necklace can be very versatile and worn with any neckline, being best worn doubled over during the ceremony and full length after the wedding for a fashion-forward look.

The size of the pearl is also an important consideration when choosing your jewelry. To avoid looking unbalanced or disproportionate there are simple rules that you can follow. If you are petite it is best advised to wear pearls that are between 5-7.5mm each. A bride of average build could comfortably wear 7.5-8.5mm pearls. The most popular size and one that works well with most builds are in the range of 7-7.5mm. By bearing these tips in mind, we hope you will find buying your wedding jewelry an enjoyable and altogether less daunting experience.

Deciding on your wedding jewelry before you choose your dress. Unless you have your heart set on wearing a particular family heirloom, it is wise to wait until after you have selected your dress before choosing your jewelry. Many factors need to be considered. Know your dress first and then choose the wedding jewelry that best blends with the look. What colors and fabric are used for your dress? Is the dress style clean, modern, exotic, vintage, or ethnic? Keep these distinctive elements in mind when choosing your jewelry.

Pay attention to the neckline. Be aware of your neckline. As with any attire, when wearing a necklace, the line it creates must work in harmony with the neckline of the dress, for the most complimentary visual effect.

Halterneck dresses are perhaps the most restrictive in terms of selecting a style of necklace. Let earrings take center stage instead and perhaps wear an eye-catching bracelet.

A square neckline or a strapless dress leaves many options open for selecting a style of necklace. A double or even triple strand necklace would fit well and leave the chest less exposed.

A plunging neckline is perfect for a y-drop pendant. Alternatively, chandelier earrings will draw more attention to your face.

Style Your Hair to Compliment Your Bridal Jewelry. This is actually very important to consider. Before you go to the salon check out some bridal magazines and try on your Bridal Jewelry while standing in front of a full length mirror to get the feel of how you want to look on your wedding day. Then meet with your beautician and work together for the most complimentary look. Bring along your close girlfriend for another opinion as this might help in the decision. If you’re unable to decide on your own, much like consulting with your jeweler to pick out the perfect bridal jewelry, you can consult with your hair stylist to pick the perfect up-do meant just for you!

Matching Your Bridesmaids Wedding Jewelry. Make sure the bridesmaids Jewelry match and emphasizes you and don’t upstage the bride on your perfect wedding day! For example, if pearl and diamond drop earrings are your choice, then your bridesmaids might wear simple pearl studs.
Choose where to buy your bridal jewelry. Bear in mind that you will be the center of attention on your wedding day. Bridal jewelry sets can be costly and after purchasing the wedding gown, wedding ring set, bridesmaid dresses, facility rental, DJ, you’ll be feigning to save money when you can. However tempted you may be, wedding jewelry is one area you should NEVER forego quality on. You’ll want every little detail to be perfect.