The Color Of Your Tie Conveys A Strong Message

No man should ever underestimate the power of the tie. It is undoubtedly the most important fashion item a man can wear. This is because a tie visually connects to a man’s neck and head, and closely to his mouth, so it can be used to convey a strong and clear message. Consider what the color of your tie says about you before you next knot one around your neck.

Blue Tie

Blue is traditionally thought of as a tranquil, peaceful color. A light blue tie says “have faith in me and follow me” while a bright blue tie can appear persistent and unfailing, like waves in the ocean. Blue is a good color tie to wear if you think that something you have to say may be met with hostility. Blue says “let’s cooperate” and indicates that you are communicative and willing to compromise, as well as trustworthy.

Yellow Tie

Yellow is eye-catching and warm. If you choose to wear a yellow tie, make sure you sit up straight and make eye contact. Your posture and demeanor should match the vibrant color of your tie. A yellow tie helps you to appear full of energy and vitality. It is also a color of hope and happiness.

Red Tie

A red tie says “power.” Red symbolizes passion and strength. You’ll often notice politicians and business owners wearing red ties because of this. Don’t think you can throw on a red tie and look like you’re ready to take on the world, though. If you wear a red tie, make sure your suit is perfectly tailored and your tie knot is neatly done. This will give you the appearance of a born leader, ready to guide his team to victory.

Black Tie

A black tie is something that is closely associated with very formal events and “black tie affairs.” A solid black tie should be saved for these special events. You can, however, look for a black tie with a pattern in it, such as a red stripe, for a nice occasion. This will still appear very polished and formal. A black tie conveys elegance and style.

Green Tie

Green is a color that we subconsciously connect to many things. We associate green with being down-to-earth, but we also commonly use the phrase “green with envy.” Green symbolizes rebirth and growth. It is a good color to wear if you are going to be announcing important changes at a meeting, or if you wan to portray yourself as someone who is growing in knowledge and skills. This makes it a good choice for a job interview.

Brown Tie

Brown is traditionally thought of as being a very masculine color. If you want to soften the appearance of brown a bit, you can look for a brown tie with a blue or white pattern. Or, if you want to enliven the appearance of brown, look for a brown tie with a red or burgundy pattern. Brown appears down-to-earth and reliable.

Purple Tie

Purple is a color that is traditionally associated with royalty, so wear it wisely. If not well balanced with a neutral such as gray (which appears calm and soothing), it can appear arrogant. A purple tie, however, can also appear creative and artistic. It is a color that is well worn by expressive and visionary men.

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