Channel Your Inner Michelle Obama With Pearl Jewelry

No matter which political party you may belong to, we can all appreciate great style. Since the First Lady came onto the national stage, it seems the nation cannot get enough of her personal style. She has the amazing ability to pair assertive clothing with feminine touches and splashes of color. Her style is uniquely hers, yet is the style of every woman.

One thing we do notice is that Michelle Obama loves to accessorize, and she does it very well. One of her favorite accessories is pearl jewelry. And why not?! Pearl jewelry is back in a big way. You can wear pearl jewelry virtually with anything – from jeans and a white collar shirt to a sheath dress. Pearl jewelry is versatile and chic.

Many First Ladies have worn pearl jewelry during their days in the White House. However, as we have seen from the campaign trail to her first days as First Lady, Michelle Obama has a wonderful ability to make pearl jewelry look modern, hip and sophisticated. From the purple sheath dress in Minnesota to the first White House formal dinner, here are a few of our favorite looks and how you can get the same look and channel your inner Michelle Obama.

Single Strand Pearl Necklace
The night President Obama secured the Democratic nomination for President, Michelle appeared in a simple, yet bold purple belted sheath dress that had everyone talking. First of all, for a mother of two, she is in great shape! This simple dress was accented really with 3 things earrings, watch, and a large white pearl necklace. However, it was really the dress and necklace that received the most attention.

Everyone has a sheath dress in their closet. No matter what color it is, you can easily get this look by adding a simple white pearl necklace. Finding pearls of that size may be a little more expensive and harder to find. However, there are many South Sea pearls available that can help you achieve a very similar look. Look for South Sea pearl necklaces that run from 9 to 11mm. These are larger in size yet still run for a more affordable price. For more inexpensive choices, try Akoya pearls or Freshwater pearls. These are a tad smaller in size but can still help you achieve the same objective. Also be sure to find necklaces with shorter strands. You will want to keep your eyes out for pearl necklaces that run about 18 or shorter in length to fit comfortably around the neck.

Long Strand Pearl Necklace
During the final debate of the presidential campaign in 2008, Michelle Obama once again rocked another simple sheath dress, this time with cap sleeves. However, now she chose to accent it with a much longer pearl necklace. She then added her own style to it by selecting a necklace that had another one of her favorite accessories broaches. Three flower broaches were placed throughout the necklace which turned it into a completely unique piece of jewelry.

Long pearl necklaces are all the rage now. To achieve this same look, you will want to shop for pearl necklaces that are 36 or longer. Longer necklaces require additional pearls to be placed on the strand, so these will run a little higher in price. To fit within your pocket book, you will want to shop Freshwater or Akoya pearl necklaces because these tend to run a little lower in price for quality pearls. Once youve found your pearl necklace, pair it with three broaches or even hair pins that you can attach to the necklace. You can switch the broaches in and out with each other to get different looks. Really, you will never have to wear the same necklace twice!

Multi Strand Gold and Chocolate Pearl Necklace
During the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Michelle Obama attended a luncheon for Emilys List. There she appeared in a dazzling combination of chocolate and gold pearls that complimented her light sandy brown dress and cardigan perfectly. In this example, the First Lady really shows her unique style.

While finding a necklace that has both golden and chocolate pearls on it may be difficult and very expensive, you can pair two different strands together for the same effect. True golden pearl jewelry is generally South Sea pearl jewelry. These are available in beautiful rich golden hues. You may be able to find other pearls that are golden, but chances are these may be dyed. For chocolate pearls, there are many Freshwater pearls available in chocolate tones for an affordable price. Take these two strands and wear them at the same time to get the same look as Michelle. Then, when you want to, you can wear each on their own. If you really would like a multi color pearl necklace, there are many strands that combine different colors as well as different types of pearls.

White, Silver Multi Strand Pearl Necklace
At the first White House State dinner, the First Lady wowed everyone with an amazing formal gown that sparkled and shined. She truly demonstrated her confidence to wear such a beautiful dress. She then added a gorgeous multi strand pearl necklace which included cream colored pearls and silver jewels. This necklace made a definite statement, again about her confidence and sense of fashion.

For the silver portion of the necklace, there are many inexpensive choices to choose from in department stores. Layered necklaces are really big right now, so there shouldnt be too much of a problem finding a few sets of layered necklaces. Once you have found the necklaces, then you can pair it with a long cream colored pearl necklace. Choose a 36 necklace or longer so you can loop it around your neck once or twice. There are even some pearl necklaces that already come in double, or triple strands. Again, because the necklace has to be long, or is a pre-made double strand, more pearls will be needed and the price may go up. So look for the lesser expensive Freshwater or Akoya pearls for affordable, quality alternatives.

The simplicity of pearl jewelry allows you leniency in how bold you can go with it. Like Michelle Obama, you can take risks and really enjoy being fashionable with pearl jewelry. Or, like the First Lady, you can be simple and chic with a classic pearl necklace and a dress. Either way, pearl necklaces offer you versatility and style for whatever occasion youd like. Channel your inner Michelle and pick up a pearl necklace that you can use again and again to achieve great, timeless style.