What Is Infill And Durafill

Synthetic grass is engineered to be long lasting and durable for several years. Artificial turf manufacturers are constantly improving the composition of turf products to meet high quality expectations. A significant component used to maintain the quality of synthetic grass is infill. Infill consists of pebble-like granules that are spread below the turf surface in between grass blades, acting as a cushioning layer. Infill also helps to keep synthetic grass blades upright and standing. There are artificial grass products on the market that do not require infill, stating that it is not necessary. However, these non-infill turf products are not long lasting and can wear out quickly without the presence of a cushioning and supporting infill layer. Also, the appearance of non-infill synthetic turf can be flat, since polyethylene blades have a natural tendency to remain flat without infill. Infill proves to be a necessary component for synthetic grass of all purposes.

Rubber, sand, or a mixture of both make up artificial turf infill. Rubber is granulated and can be recycled from old tires for infill. Sand is ground into round silica to prevent abrasiveness. This helps to act as a cushion without creating a surface that is too hard. This cushioning is significant to all types of synthetic turf, including sports and field turf that undergoes high-level performance and activity. Since several field sports, such as soccer, require surface contact with cleats, rubber granules keep infill from being moved around by sharp or pronged footwear. A softer layer is also crucial for turf used in yards, for families and pets alike. Infill helps with turf drainage systems, allowing rain and other liquids to easily permeate. While rubber infill is good, a mix of rubber and sand can be more beneficial. However, the best infill on the market today is Durafill. While it is usually more expensive than rubber or rubber and sand infill, it proves to be the most ideal.

The most technologically advanced infill system on the market today is Durafill, exclusive to Tiger Express Landscape’s artificial turf product line. Durafill is unique because it does not degrade over time, maintaining pellet solidity and structure. Thus, the infill never needs to be replaced once it has been placed on the turf. Tiger Express Landscape’s pet-friendly turf line benefits from Durafill because it does not absorb pet urine or waste. This helps pet turf to deflect unpleasant odors. Durafill’s ability to create permeability for artificial grass ensures that collection of rain, water, and other liquids does not build up within the grass. This prevents the growth of bacteria and spores within the artificial turf.

Durafill meets eco-friendly standards and is not composed of heavy metals, silica dust, or zinc. The abstaining from using these materials also reduces health risks related to zinc , chromium, lead, and other heavy metals. It does not absorb heat and will not contribute to hot temperatures on turf surfaces. Durafill continues to be the leading infill system on the synthetic grass market today, helping to preserve and keep artificial turf looking and feeling the most natural.