Find The Right Jeans For Your Build.

Mens jeans Mens Jeans can be one of the hardest pieces of clothing to buy and trying on pair after pair of unflattering jeans can be a rather deflating experience for your ego and very frustrating. If you know your body type, however, and the styles that flatter it best, you can save loads of time and self-esteem. Below are the different types. Straight leg Straight leg mens jeans are a timeless classic that offer comfort as well as style. Straight leg jeans typically sit at your natural waist and are slim through the seat and thighs. This style of jean is classic, and if you have the body to wear them, straight leg jeans can pretty much be paired with anything.They’re equally adaptable on the formality front, capable of being both dressed up and dressed down. If your build is… Thin: Choose straight-cut, low-rise jeans that sit comfortably and low on the hips with a couple of extra inches of room through the leg Athletic/average: Stock up. This everyman’s jean is just snug enough to show off your sculpted lower half, but not so much that you’ll look like a beanpole. Stocky: Proceed with caution, can make you appear larger as the shape can cling to you. Boot cut This cut is very flattering for many body types. Typically, boot-cut styles should sit just below your natural waist and should be slightly loose through the leg, flaring towards leg opening.A bonus is that these jeans will never go out of style If your build is… Thin:Steer clear of wide-leg jeans as well, as you risk looking lost in your clothes. However, slightly flared jeans also flatter slender figures by creating the illusion of a better defined silhouette. Athletic/average: Consider this your go-to style. The cut is especially suited for taller men, because the enlarged hem balances out a stretched frame.Wider-leg jeans, however, will subtly show off all your hard-earnedgym work. Stocky: Steer clear, unless you carry your weight above the waist.Larger frames should stay away from flare-cut jeans as these jeans will make heavier men appear larger. Relaxed Relaxed mens jeans are the ultimate fit when it comes to comfortable. Being slightly baggy means these jeans are great for those lazy days.These laid-back slacks are cut fuller from the thigh to the hem, allowing ample legroom for maximum comfort. If your build is… Thin: Avoid this cut. The width in the legs can be difficult to fill. Athletic/average:Wear these for a more comfortable fit. Stocky:Relaxed-fit jeans cut bigger guys some slack, creating room so legs can flex and move. Look for styles with larger back pockets, which will make you look like you have less junk in your trunk.are really great for hiding flaws.If there is a little more of you to love, this style will hide love handles and thick waists. Be careful not to choose styles that are too baggy, however, as they will make larger bodies appear even larger. Skinny In the past 3 years, Skinny mens jeans have been reborn as an indie-rock staple. They come in slightly longer lengths than other cuts, because they’re meant to be worn bunched at the ankle creating a vintage look. If your build is… Thin: Perfect for you, however, don’t go over the top. Asnug fit shouldn’t put your moving parts on display, so look for styles with a small amount of stretch, which will create the illusion of a slightly larger frame. Athletic/average: Gowith your gut. The fabric on these jeans can be forgiving, but they can be a tight squeeze for belly-heavy builds. Stocky: Skip these, they can make larger legs look larger. a>