Unique Jewellery Made From Pearls Are Making A Come Back

If you think of unique jewellery designs then pieces that have pearl set in them will come to mind as these beautiful natures gifts are starting to make a comeback. You will find these set into many designs, rings, pendants, jewellery sets, bracelets and necklace are now all to be seen adorned with pearls.

Gone are the days when we thought of pearls as being stuffy and old fashioned and they have now become the on trend fashion accessory. You will see them set into unique jewellery designs on their own or set with gemstones like Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, and diamonds. You will also see many semi-precious pieces like Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Jade, Amazonite and Amethyst that have pearls to accompany them in their unusual and original designs.

If you imagine wedding jewellery the images or pairs of earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and jewellery sets that have been handmade from pearls will come to mind and when the designers create this handmade designs for a womans special day they may add crystals to the designs and pearl jewellery have now become the favourite wedding accessory. You will not only find pearls in the unique jewellery designs but you will see them embroidered into the dress, and embellishing shoes and bags. These have become an all around favourite.

When we look back through history we see that pearls were worn by Royalty and Nobles and these were worn by both men and women. Today it is usually women that you will see were designs that include these are worn. They are fast becoming the latest fashion item and because natural pearls can be very expensive many of the fashion designers are creating earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants crafted from glass pearls so that these lovely designs are available to everyone on any budget. Long multi layered necklaces are very fashionable as are lots of bracelets stacked up your arm.

In the 1920s the demand for pearls was on the increase and many of the Art Deco unique jewellery designs included pearls. This is when the Japanese started the industry of freshwater pearls where they cultivated these lovely pearls from freshwater muscles. These donor muscles were inserted with irritants and each of these muscles could then produce up to 40 pearls each. These means that the colour and the shape of the pearl can be controlled offering us a wide choice from which the designers can create their unique jewellery designs. The Chinese have now taken over the production of these.

It is not only the pearls that are used to create these unusual and original designs but even the Mother of Pearl molluscs are used to create stunning designs and you will find these made into beads that are used to create beaded jewellery designs and also polished and used as a inlay not only in jewellery but in other accessories like hair slides, belts and bags and you will find it as an inlay in furniture and other decorative items.

The classic pearl necklace and earring jewellery set is making a big come back with the popular retro look as we all look back to the 1950s for inspiration for fashion ideas. Many of these sets can be found in second hand stores and charity shops and many of the large unique jewellery collections are now producing these and it is now the young and trendy women that are wearing these designs not just your grandmother.