Step Instructions On How To Make A Pearl Tin Cup Necklace

There is nothing more lovely than the classic elegance of a tin cup necklace. The floating pearl necklace is not only beautiful, but it can be easy to handcraft if you know how. These are step by step instructions on how to make a pearl tin cup necklace.

The first step is to gather your supplies. You will need a piece of thin sterling silver beading chain, nine pearls, two 2mm silver crimping beads for each pearl (so eighteen total), and a silver lobster claw clasp. This is to make a 16″ pearl tin cup necklace. If you prefer a longer length, you may want to add additional pearls. You should always use an odd number of pearls so that one will be in the center of the chain. Other useful tools will be needlenose pliers designed for jewelry making, a tiny drill, a ruler, and a smooth surface or tray upon which to work.

Once you have gathered all of your materials, it is time to begin. To make things easier, it is a good idea to gently enlarge the holes drilled through the pearls with your tiny jewelers’ drill. This will allow them to slide freely along the chain while you are spacing them. String all nine pearls onto the silver chain with one of the 2mm crimp beads on each side of every pearl. The crimp beads will be used to fix the pearls in their stations for the tin cup necklace design.

Next, affix the loop end of the lobster clasp to the chain using your pliers. Lay out your chain along the ruler, and attach the claw end of the clasp so that the finished length will be 16″ including the clasp. At this point, the pearls will still be sliding freely, but they will not be able to slide off the ends of the chain.

Then it is time to start spacing the pearls. It is extremely important that the spacing is even along the chain. The center three pearls are the most noticeable, so take extra care to get them spaced perfectly. You will secure the center pearl first. Hold the necklace up by the clasp ends so that gravity pulls all of the pearls to the middle of the chain. Squish the first crimp bead beside the center pearl. A handy trick is to then hold the necklace up by one end so that the pearl will fall down flush against the first crimped bead. You can then crimp the bead on the other side of that pearl, knowing that the crimp beads will be as close as possible to the pearl. When the tin cup necklace is complete, the pearls should be nice and still at their stations, with no gaps between them and the crimps.

After the center pearl is in place, set the two on the clasp ends of the chain. Lay the necklace along the ruler, and measure 1.5″ from the clasp into the chain. That is where you should secure the next pearl. Following the same procedure as with the center pearl, crimp the beads to affix the two end pearls. Next, go back to the center, and secure the pearls on either side of the middle one, again being careful that they are spaced equidistantly. Then finish it off by crimping the beads to position the remaining pearls, working back and forth to ensure that the spacing comes out evenly.

Ta-da! There you have it, a gorgeous pearl tin cup necklace. Not only will you get years of enjoyment from your floating pearl necklace, but you will have the feeling of pride which comes with making it yourself. And if you love the style of tin cup necklaces, but are not the crafty sort, don’t worry; you can always have one made for you by a jewelry designer, and you will enjoy it just as much.

Difference Between Fresh Water And Salt Water Pearls

Pearls are produced in both salt and fresh water, but the difference is astounding. Usually, the salt water variety of pearls are of a better quality and are also more expensive than pearls found in salt water; however, the choice between fresh water and salt water pearls is completely personal.

For starters, pearls are made from shellfish. When an irritant, such as a piece of sand, invades the delicate lining of the creature, it secretes a smooth substance to coat the irritant, thus creating a pearl. Salt water and fresh water pearls are both made in the same fashion. This substance, known as nacre or mother of pearl, slowly builds up the irritant until a pearl is formed.

The main difference between salt water pearls and fresh water pearls is the type of create that produces this natural gemstone. Salt water pearls are produced by oysters that inhabit the seas and oceans. In days past, the only way to harvest salt water pearls was to dive to tremendous depths to recover the oysters. Today, these oysters are grown in farms, but the pearls produced are of supremely high quality.

Fresh water pearls are produced by mussels that burrow in the sandy bottoms of rivers, lakes, and streams. Like salt water pearls, the mussels that produce fresh water pearls are also farmed. In most places, hunting mussels to harvest their pearls is illegal due to the havoc it can cause on the ecosystem.

One can immediately tell the difference between a fresh water and salt water pearl by its appearance. Whereas salt water pearls areor should becompletely round, fresh water pearls have a lumpy, potato-like shape. Usually, fresh water pearls are described as off-round, egg, or Baroque, and come with a more affordable price tag due to this irregular shape.

The colors of fresh water pearls encompass the entire rainbow. While salt water pearls come in a wide array of colors, fresh water pearls usually take on the hue of the mussels shell. Fresh water pearls can range from the traditional white, cream, and pink to more unusual shades like lavender, and copper. Although these latter colors tend to raise the price on fresh water pearls, the color of choice is purely at the whim of the buyer.

Many potential pearl buyers have the common misconception that the fresh water pearl is not real. This is completely untrue, as both the fresh water and the salt water pearl are equally authentic. The choice between the two depends on the tastes and the budget of the wearer. Some individuals enjoy the irregular Baroque shapes and special colors of the fresh water, where others want the classic white round offerings of the salt water pearl.

Handbag Is A Symbol Of The Modern Girl

A handbag is one accessory modern women just can’t do without. After all, unlike jewelry, a purse is both a fashion statement and a practical necessity. The perfect handbag will not only complete any outfit, but it can hold all your most important personal belongings as well.

What to Look For in a Purse or handbagThe most important thing to consider when shopping for a handbag is quality. Remember that this purse will be accompanying you wherever you go, so it should be durable enough to withstand the activities of your average day. Take a look at the stitching and the type of materials used to construct your handbag: a quality shoulder bags will have even, strong stitching that shows no signs of unraveling, a lining to protect the inside of the bag, and it will be made from superior materials (i.e., Italian leather, silk, a stain resistant/durable nylon, etc.).

Equally important to finding a good handbag is the notion of style. As this bag will become one of the key components of your wardrobe, you will want to choose one that both reflects your personal sense of style and works well with most of your outfits. For instance, if you wear a lot of brown-hued clothes, you’re better off choosing a purse in brown rather than black. If you tend to wear outfits that are sleek and modern, look for a shoulder bags with similar features.

When it comes to price and designer names, you’ll have to determine a budget and decide just how much fashion labels matter to you. There’s no question that a shoulder bags from one of the top designers will be a top quality bag that also serves as a status symbol. However, there are plenty of less expensive bags of sound quality that are quite stylish too.

Save Money And Time When Shopping For Shoes Online In Chennai

Online shopping in Chennai is easy, quick and fun way to buy designer shoes. There are many benefits of online shopping in Chennai due to which more and more are going online to buy shoes in Chennai. No matter what kind of shoes you are looking, you are sure to find it on a shoe store online.

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Fun Hello Kitty Toy

Hello Kitty

Back in 1987, a program of 13 half hour episodes of a tv show named, Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theater were formulated as way to introduce a cherished Japanese persona to the United states of america and beyond. These adventures adopted Kitty White as she went through 26 well known fairytales.

Several years later on, Hello Kitty and Hello Kitty dolls continues to stay a fairly well-liked character with younger girls. In actuality, you are going to uncover that more than any other fictional persona, Kitty White is one of the most sought after icons out there for toys and clothes.

Historically, the Hello Kitty line of merchandise is developed to appeal to younger females under the age of thirteen. The styles of Hello Kitty toys involve items like Hello Kitty play dough, blocks, puzzles and even dolls. However, you are going to find that there will be some things such as watches and even sunglasses that will still appeal to older teens in this process.

As a rule, Hello Kitty items tends to be better quality than some of the other choices that you will discover on the market place. This good quality is likely to help insure that your kid will have a considerable amount of time playing with the various toy products out there and that is going to mean that these are sensible alternatives for you to get when you are looking to invest your money in play products for your kid that will last for a while. Of course, since the status of Hello Kitty is long lasting, you can be certain that they will not likely go out of fashion for quite a long time either.

It will be a good idea for you to take the time to explore the numerous toy choices that you will have out there for your kid in the Hello Kitty toy product line to find out which merchandise are likely to best match their interests. For instance, a little one who is continually on the go will enjoy the Hello Kitty scooter, while a little one that loves crafts may well enjoy the Magic Fabric Studio.

With so many several options out there, you are going to find that you will have a few selections that are going to turn out to be a astounding solution for you. It will take a little time on your part to guarantee that you do choose the ideal Hello Kitty toy merchandise and get your daughter the toy that they are going to cherish for quite some time.

From babies to preteen girls, you are going to discover that this is going to remain 1 of the well-liked merchandise lines out there. In fact, you just may well discover that Hello Kitty sparks additional fascination in your kid’s playtime than other famous favorites such as Barbie. Along with that you will see that the continued promotion effort being put into these merchandise, there will be a constant amount of fascination in the Hello Kitty sets and product line for years to come and you may even be capable to pass these toys straight down to little kids as well. This helps make them a sound investment for any mum or dad who wants to give their small children one thing they will adore, that will be financially sound at the very same time.