The Origins Of The Flapper Dress

Flapper dresses signalled the changing landscape of society when they became very popular during the 1920s. At that time girls shocked their parents with the short bob hair cut and dresses that came to the knees. Prior to that dresses always ended below the ankles and absolutely no skin was on show. All this changed and suddenly the slim silhouette and boyish figures were now the in look and flapper dresses became de rigueur.

This change came about because the restrictions of wartime were gone and this period in history came to be known as the Art Deco movement, an era when Hollywood movies reigned. Jazz music was all the scene and women would dance the night away doing the Charleston in their flapper dresses, living their lives with gay abandon.

Notable Hollywood movies that depicted the era were the films of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and women like Mary Pickford and Bette Davis carried off the style with cool finesse.

Musicals that celebrated that era included Cole Porter’s Anything Goes, The Boyfriend, and No No Nannette.

So although flapper dresses originally entered fashion in the 1920s, the trend is still relevant today because elements can still be seen today on the catwalks of Paris and Milan where fashion designers continue to embrace the simple form of these dresses, adding their own twist to reinvent and update the basic style template.

So get those cocktail glassed filled with champagne, put on some Cole Porter music and get swinging.

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Effect Of Celebrity Dresses On Young Generation

In order to get good compliments, certain people start to imitate the celebrity dresses. They want to have same attitude and the behaviour as that of celebrity and it all around changes their perception. Sometimes people are so influential towards the celebrity dresses that they even can compromise on the basic necessities of life and switch themselves towards the greater level of the luxurious items. The dresses of the celebrity along with their shoes are being observed. Young generation is more interested and inclined towards the celebrity dresses as they are in the phase of experimenting. They try that whether one dress would look good or else they could imitate the dress of the eithercelebrity.

The flexibility level of the youngsters keep on changing due to craze of looking good as they keep on changing the dress fabric and pattern until it is finally being opted by them. Those individuals who are fan of celebrities, theyopt the fashion and imitate the celebrity dresses, no matter it is looking good on them or not. In such case they are not even influenced by their own preferences and interest. The choice of the youngsters and teenagers is defined by the celebrities in such situation. Theydo not have own pattern of fashion and lifestyle as it is all together dependent on the celebrity dresses.

On the other hand, celebrity needs to understand his/her responsibility in regard to the norms and values of the society. They must not wear such dresses which are against the accepted norms and values of the certain country as in such case people would get opposed to the celebrity and his/her dress.

Apart from having certain positive effects, celebrity dresses are also having the negative impact on the young generation. They want to have a dress as being worn by the celebrity but they are not concerned about the income level of the parents. So it is the responsibility of the parents to make their children aware of the reality. Along with the parents it is the responsibility of the media to make the teenagers aware of the certain facts and they also helps to endorse the celebrity in a positive but influential way.

Impact of the celebrity which is conveyed positively would positively influence the citizens of the country and they would realize the purpose of celebrity dresses. Inshort, celebrity dresses can affect the youngsters and teenagers both positively and negatively in an influential manner.

Police Jeans How To Select The Best One From The Lot

Denim has come a long way from its rugged form of the 18th century to a stylish piece of garment thats chic and comfortable. And leading this evolution of one of the most favourite fabrics in the world is Police Jeans.

Ever since its inception more than three decades ago (yes, its that old), the brand of jeans has been a trendsetter of sorts for others to follow.

On the back of its experience in the field of clothing, Police Jeans has gone so diverse that often, its very hard to pick the pair of jeans that best fits you. We all know that its not only the brand which makes you look good; its the right fit and the right fabric too which makes the difference.

And for ladies, selecting the right fit of jeans is a hard task indeed, considering that most ladies have heavier hips and thighs, unlike men, who accumulate fat on their tummy. So, how do you make sure that you make the best of the wide variety of sizes, fits and designs that Police Jeans has?

Well, it is as simple and as difficult as determining your body type and selecting the fit accordingly. Lets take a look at the different body types and then we will jump to what fit suits which body type the best and some general rules while shopping for a pair of denims.

Determining The Body Type Before Selecting A Pair Of Police Jeans

To start with, there are women who are blessed with an hourglass figure, the 36-24-36 variety. An hourglass body type has a firm bust and rounded hips, with an accentuated waistline; and as the description may have given you the picture, it is very hard to achieve, although examples do exist.

Moving on to more realistic body types, most women in their late forties and beyond have a pear shaped body. As the name suggests, they are thin on the top and very heavy on the bottom, just like a pear. A pear shaped body is usually categorised by prominent hips which often cause a hindrance to selecting the right fit.

However, given the active lifestyles that most women follow today and the obsession with size zero these days, it is boyish figure which is common among women. If you have a small bust, flat hips and a boyish waistline, you fit into this category. And then there is the opposite of pear shaped, the inverted triangle, where the bottom becomes light and the top becomes heavy. If you have a heavy bust and a flat or very slightly rounder bottom, you have an inverted triangle body shape.

The right fit

Now that we have an overview of the different body types, lets look at what fit of Police Jeans suits which body type the best. For an hourglass figure, it is best to avoid too much embellishments or large pockets around the hip and the thigh area. Since you are already blessed with a great body, you dont want to ruin it by making your hips and thighs look bigger. As for the cut of the jeans, anything suits an hourglass figure, from boor cut to flares and straight fits.

For the pear shaped body type, it is best to go for stretchable fabric as it falls on your body naturally. Also, avoid going for straight fits and instead opt for flares or boot cuts. The accentuating fall of the flares gives you a leaner look and makes your heavy hips look smaller. Another golden rule- avoid horizontal washes, and instead opt for vertical ones. Thankfully, Police Jeans has a lot of variety to choose from.

As for the ubiquitous rectangular body type, straight fit and skinny jeans work best. Look for a pair that has heavy embellishments or bulky pockets around the hip or thigh area as they add volume. However, avoid baggy jeans, as they take away the form from your body. Rectangular body shapes with a thin waist can also carry off low rise jeans very well indeed.

Women with inverted triangle shape look best in boot cuts as it adds volume to their lower portion, making them in proportion with their upper body. Always remember the golden rule while dressing up- its all about keeping the body in proportion. Also, for this body type, light washes and jeans in lighter shades work better than dark colored ones. Light shades add volume to the body, and thats what this body type wants.

Police Jeans has a lot of variety when it comes to the fit, the color, the design, the embellishments, the washes and everything else. It is upon you to choose the best that fits you, because brands like Police Jeans can only make stuff for you, they cant make you choose the right one.

Frankie B Jeans Has Now Been Joined By Other Accessories

It would be hard to make a fashion statement without the most versatile of all casual wear the jeans. But present day jeans are very different from those that were in vogue just decades ago. Present-day jeans are a subtle combination of formal and informal. With the right kind of footwear and accessories, day-wear is easily transformed into eveningwear.

Jeans are a present-day icon of style. They are universal in their purpose and transcend all racial, ethnic and social barriers. Although America is by far the largest country to consider jeans a vital part of a nationwide culture, other countries are fast approaching the same positive attitude towards jeans. Frankie B Jeans is a respected member of the American jeans culture, and has stood the test of time.

While jeans and denim are synonymous with American culture, they did not originate in America. Instead, they were born in France, the fashion capital of the world. And although the American cowboy was the first to reveal the rugged utility of the jeans, Frankie B Jeans has transferred that rough-and-tumble look into a symbol of high society. Frankie B. Jeans came into its own because of pioneer designer Daniella Clarke. As a teenager, she conceptualized low-rise jeans, the style of jeans that finds them just hanging on your hips. She even went so far as to cut the waistband from her own jeans to create a low-rise style. Eventually, she found a way to create and produce these jeans, which she baptized with the name Frankie, after her daughter. Frankie B Jeans were officially born. Frankie B Jeans emulates the rock hippie style of the late sixties and early seventies.

Although Frankie B Jeans are best known for their styles and cuts, comfort has not taken a back seat. Frankie B Jeans are constructed to reflect the sexy, confident, strong image of todays womanand todays woman demands comfort.

The range of Frankie B Jeans is replete with style and options. Nevertheless, what creates real profits for Frankie B Jeans is the pure sex appealperhaps more than any other style of jeans, both men and women will scour the stores for Frankie B Jeans; women buy because they love the style, comfort and look of Frankie B Jeans. Men buy so that they can see their loved one in these sexy jeans.

Perhaps expectedly, Frankie B Jeans has recently come out with a childrens line, titled Frankie B Kids. Included in this new line are F pocket jeans, along with fun styles with embroidered back pockets. Moms and daughters have never been so stylish together!

Frankie B Jeans has now been joined by other accessories. Included along with the Frankie B Jeans line are Frankie B eyewear, knitwear and menswear. Who would have known that Frankie B Jeans would go from being designed in a garage to being designed and marketed around the world.

Looking For Comfortable Shoes While Pregnant

There is not doubt that while women go through the pregnancy stages, one of the distressing things they have to deal with is a aching lower back, leg muscles, and tender feet. And when it gets toward the end of the pregnancy this becomes even more certain and spot on for most all pregnant women.

Time and again all women can think about during those last weeks is how much they cannot wait to get their offspring out and bring them into the new world. And when your whole body is aching including your feet and back, you could employ a little comfort and support.

Here are a few good reasons why Dansko Shoes should be one of the first items you purchase when you get pregnant.

1. Dansko shoes for women are a leader in the comfort shoes industry, and supported by many professional organizations. Dansko equals comfortable shoes. Footbeds in Dansko are constructed to support your feet with loving care. The inner linings are constructed in such a way they wick away moisture from your feet. The outsoles are exceedingly strong and lightweight making them great for foot protection. When pregnant you noticeably have additional weight to carry. Dansko with its strong accommodating structure help keep you comfortable while bestow support to the lower extremities of your body like your back.

2. Need fashion? Dansko has a huge line of shoes that can accommodate all stages during your pregnancy. During your first period of pregnancy perchance you would call for a pair of fashionable dansko clogs? Or your last trimester when you would want a combination of being both accepted, comfortable, and advantageous Dansko can accommodate you. Perhaps your feet are starting to swell up and are extremely sensitive? The dansko sandal will be just what you need during this time. No matter style you choose from dansko, each shoe, clog, or sandal are built with this kind of attribute each and every time making them super comfortable and helpful shoes.

3. Do you need various colors couples with the styles you expect? When you’re at the end of your pregnancy you are typically uncomfortable. At least most of the time you are. Your emotional, and ready to finally have your baby. Purchasing a pair of new shoes is every woman’s joy. Even if a small joy its still a joy most women love. When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired, and uncomfortable from being pregnant, sore, and aching all over, a new pair of shoes like Dansko is just what you need.