Cold Weather

Now its getting colder all our thoughts have started to turn to keeping warm. I know that when I go shopping and I am feeling hungry I end up buying too much food. Then the cold weather comes and I start looking for jumpers and warm winter rugs to curl up on the sofa with. Mums do the same thing for their children; they want to snuggle them up in a warm baby blanket especially when they are out and about.

If you are looking around for things to keep your children warm there are so many options. If they are still in the buggy you may want to look for a travel wrap or cosy toes. These can be a good modern alternative to the classic baby blanket. When your children are a bit older and are running about you will probably be looking for coats, hats, scarves and gloves and in the really cold weather you might want to think about ski trousers or even an all in one ski suit, although they can be a bit difficult when you are trying to get them off and on your children.

As well as baby blankets for the buggy you might also want to think about when you are going out in the car on an icy day, it often takes a while for the car to deice and warm up. This is a great time to look at car seat travel wraps because they allow you to wrap and unwrap the baby according to the temperature. Of course if they fall asleep when you arrive at your destination, you can wrap them up and lift the seat out without disturbing them.

People often use baby blankets at home even when their children have grown up, they can be great rugs to have on you when you are sitting on the sofa watching television or reading a book. Blankets and throws can make great Christmas present s for friends and family for people because they are especially useful at this time of year and if you already have plenty in your house, you can always use a spare one in the car for travelling.

Another great idea for baby blankets when you children no longer need them are to use the fabric for other things or if they are a bit worn out, you can cut them up and use them as rags for cleaning the car or wiping the windows. If your blankets are in great condition you can pass them on to other mums to be or give them to a local charity shop.

The most important thing is make sure you and your children wrap up warm so you can all have fun this winter, Autumn walks collecting conkers, kicking leaves, snowman building, snowball fights, splashing in the puddles. All important activities for families and for children to learn and grow.

Fashion Today and Yesterday

With the death of Louis XIV and the coronation of Louis XV in 1715, a new style called rococo blossomed across Europe. Although the term was later used in a derogatory manner, suggesting excess and frivolity, it generally refers to a high achievement in fashion that represents the height of French culture. Though France was already the well-renowned leader in fashion by the reign of Louis XIV, the rococo period confirmed the countrys reputation as a worldwide leader in the world of fashion. After the initial popularity of rococo, the styles changed, and the French Revolution in 1789 seemed to create a new modernization in clothing styles reducing rococo into the much more stark fashions of neoclassicism in style. The radical change in clothing style is one of the most dramatic such shifts in the history of fashion.

During the seventeenth century new and ornate mens fashions continually appeared, but by the time of the eighteenth century the styles had become much more refined. The typical French court apparel included a coat, which gradually became more fitted and added a waistcoat and breeches, a white shirt, a cravat, and a pair of silk stockings. Brilliant colors and intricate embroidery were increasingly important adornments. Cloth for jackets was often embroidered before being tailored so that men could choose their favorite patterns and then order the suit cut and sewn to size.

Despite the fact that Rococo began in the exclusively ornamental arts, the method showed unquestionably in painting. Painters used graceful colors and blissful forms, decorated with cherubs and myths of love. Some works show a sort of wickedness or contamination in the behavior of their subjects. Landscapes were idyllic and often illustrated the laid-back jaunts of patricians.

On the eve of the French Revolution, striped patterns became very popular, and the desire for elaborate embroidery seemed to tail off and the favored fabric shifted from silk to much more simple cotton. The youth adopted new fashions that defined the age, some dressing in black coats to be seen as outlandish. The only thing, it seems that could end the reign of high-fashion rococo dress was the leveling of the French Revolution.

The Significance Of Indian Bridal Jewelry

Weddings are a grand affair in India. Not only do they celebrate the commitment of the bride and groom embarking on a life-long journey together, they also symbolize the coming together of two families. Indian weddings are steeped in tradition, rituals and customs, some religious, and some cultural. These traditions extend even to the attire of the bride, where each item of clothing or jewelry holds a special significance. It is easy to understand then, why any wedding would be incomplete without Indian bridal jewelry.

Jewelry plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of the blushing bride, more so when it holds a traditional and cultural significance as is the case with Indian bridal jewelry. For instance, the set of 21 ivory bangles, called ‘chooda’, worn by North Indian brides are gifted to them by their maternal uncle. Worn anywhere between a period of 6 months to a year after her marriage, they serve as a reminder to the family that she has married into, that she is a new bride and must be treated as a princess. ‘Klira’, or the long adornments that hang from the ‘chooda’ of a bride, are also gifted to her by her maternal uncle. They perform much the same function as the ‘chooda’ and make physical work an impossible task, preventing the new bride from doing any household work during the festivities. Although now seen as a fashion statement, a ‘nath’ or nose ring symbolizes the purity and innocence of the bride.

Anklets or ‘payals’ are more cultural adornments and hold little religious significance. With every step taken by the bride, the anklets chime, announcing her arrival and ensuring that all eyes are on her on her big day. ‘Bichua’ or toe rings are worn on the second toe and symbolize the married status of a woman. While all these pieces of jewelry hold significance for a bride, perhaps the most significant of them all is the ‘mangalsutra’. Derived from the term ‘mangal’, meaning ‘auspicious’ and ‘sutra’, meaning ‘thread’ or ‘bond’, the mangalsutra is a chain of black beads with a gold medallion. Tied around the neck of the bride by the groom, the mangalsutra is believed to ward off evil forces and protect the sanctity of the institution of marriage, thus creating a bond between husband and wife. These also act as visible signs of a woman’s marital status.

Brides these days have a wide range of choices to choose from. The market for Indian bridal jewelry is ever expanding. Creatively designed, innovative pieces are making waves in the world of bridal jewelry. These provide the bride with pieces that are essentially traditional in nature with a contemporary twist. While traditionally, gold and diamonds are the preferred choice for Indian brides, the Indian bridal jewelry market today is open to experimentation, as are today’s brides. This has led to the inclusion of not only new designs in jewelry, but also new jewels themselves.

In India, it is believed that there are 16 adornments, or the ‘solah shringar’ that a woman must wear to become the complete bride. Jewelry plays an important role in the ‘solah shringar’. Add to this the religious and cultural significance attached to each ornament and it is clear that Indian bridal jewelry acts as pieces of collective history and tradition.

Want To Wear A Deep V Neck Dress As Your Womens Little Black Dress

You have probably seen deep v neck dresses on every type of red carpet no matter what the weather for many years. In fact these types of revealing dresses tend to get the most attention. Most of the time the attention that these dresses grab is not good attention. You know what they say bad attention is better than no attention at all. Of coerce I couldnt tell you who exactly they are since most people that get a little fame for getting bad attention usually just disappear after a while. You might be thinking that I am crazy or just too conservative and those deep v neck dresses are great and you keep one around for special occasions because it is your little black dress. If that is the case than think about this for a minute.

Proper Foundation

Are you wearing proper under wear under that dress that could betray you at any second and cause you to break the indecent exposure law at any second? If you arent you should be. The delicates department of you favorite shop should have just the thing to keep you from making an embarrassing appearance. You are thinking that wearing a fancy bra would mess up the look of your dress then what are the alternatives.

Or Wardrobe Malfunction

You could have a wardrobe malfunction, hay it works for the starlets on the red carpet why not you? If you really think having wardrobe malfunctions is working for them then I can have another useful thing to say to you. Showing what is legally mandated to stay covered up in public is just plain tacky and will win your friends that arent worth having. If you really must wear a deep v neck dress and you really cant wear anything under it then invest in some skin adhesive. It isnt perfect but if you use if right and you dont move much it will keep you covered.

Fastrack Sunglasses- An Essential for Your Summer Holiday!

I remember that time when we planned our trip to Goa. It was supposed to be our holiday after a very long time. So we were all tres excited and wanted it to be a perfect summer holiday. I thought we packed all essentials including extra towels, lotions, swimsuits, water goggles etc. Little did I know that I missed out on something important.

On the first day in Goa, we decided to play volleyball. It was thirty-eight degree celsius outside so we picked up our sunscreen lotions and applied them all over ourselves. Then, we played volleyball for some time. After a while, I started feeling a tingling sensation somewhere on my face. I realised with horror that the skin under my eyes was burning. Of course, it was sensitive. I should have known.

I made up an excuse and retired to the cottage only to find the area under the eyes red and swollen. I panicked. I knew I wouldn’t be able to go speedboating with the rest of the lot with these hideous eyes. To be honest, I was embarrassed. Then, I got busy trying to repair the damage under my eyes. I perused over what had to be done. Then an idea struck me! All I had to get was a pair of sunglasses. I grabbed my phone and browsed through different models of sunglasses online. I was confused about what to get. Then, I happened to come across the Fastrack sunglasses page online. My friend had once told me that Fastrack sunglasses are the best in quality and I saw that these were listed in the best sunglasses’ brands of India.

I was overjoyed to see that Fastrack had brilliant collections and way too many colours. The style range of Fastrack sunglasses had aviators, cat eye, oval, over sized, rectangular, sports, wrap around and wayfarer styles. I have always been a fan of over-sized sunglasses and they suited the situation perfectly. So I decided to get a pair of these. I knew we were going to the theme park so I got sports sunglasses for water rides. I also got a pair of aviators because they were irresistible. So, I added these three pairs of Fastrack sunglasses to my shopping cart and clicked on the -Buy Now’ button. To my surprise, they reached me in a day.

The day after that, I was the star. I teamed my three pairs of sunglasses with the outfits that I’d got and I was happy with the results. Everyone complimented me on how great I looked. I accompanied my friends to the beach, to a theme park and everywhere else. I could sit by the beach and not worry because I knew for a fact that the Fastrack sunglasses online shopping made me look like a diva.