Wedding Dress Color-Available Choices

Historically, Queen Victoria has set off the white wedding gown era and before that blue shades were considered as the color of purity for wedding dresses. As the color can set the mood of your big event, wedding dress color is always a big consideration when it comes to find a dream dress. And here comes some color choices for wedding dresses as well as their associated meanings.

White-it is the most chosen color for brides and a white princess dress is always a reliable choice for a traditional wedding and it looks beautiful. White shades are now believed to associate with virginity and purity.

Pink-pale pink is considered as a shade derived from white shades and the others are sky blue, cream, and champagne. Light pink is another choice for young brides to make a very feminine appearance. It is connected with joy, sensitivity, passion and love. Often, pink shades embody love, romance and femininity.

Red-this color always symbolizes fire and blood. It is an emotional color with anger, love and passion. Usually people think red shades are terrific and dramatic. But a red gown with golden or sliver embroideries are really great for evening reception. And in some eastern countries like China, red shades are favored as a festive, lucky color for any celebrations.

Green-it is a color of nature and for garden weddings, this hue would have a great performance to set a peaceful yet festive mood. Green shades are associated with growth and freshness. However, dark green is usually connected with money and aqua green symbolizes protection and it is seen frequently in wedding celebrations.

Blue-this color is on the top of men’ s favorite, actually. It is associated with purity, trust, wisdom, stability and heaven. Blue shades are very enchanting for festive aura.

Purple-it is really a royal color, which always associates with power, luxury and ambition. Dark purple shades even symbolize some mystery while light purl shades bring out some feelings of romance and nostalgia.

A rainbow of possibilities for wedding dress color choices are granted. Whatever you define a shade, a color that is pleasing to eyes and set the tone of the festive occasions would be the best bet for wedding dress. Modern brides really like to introduce some splashes of color with a sash or ribbon to their wedding look. A wide hem in a vibrant color will also do a great job to add some flare to the outfit.

The color palette that suit for a wedding look can be really rich. Never overlook bridal accessories to be more expressive. Bag yourself a dream dress with much color fun to celebrate your happiest occasion!

Mens Guide to Geek Chic

There was a time when men shied away from embracing their geeky side, but this fairly recent fashion favourite means they no longer have to. Geek chic, which now has some close links to a few hipster styles, is a well-recognised sub-set of fashion and one well worth dabbling in.

The biggest thing to remember about geek chic is the fact that less is more. This is a style that plays on old preconceptions of the geekiest computer programmers and design workers around, and if you embrace the style too enthusiastically, you might end up looking a little too authentic.

The good news is that its incredibly easy to give yourself a little splash of geek chic. When youre dressing for the office, swap your shirt for a graphic t-shirt, preferably one that references a comic book character, computer-related in-joke or an old gaming system, and youre already half way there. Alternatively, go for a plain or striped polo shirt but instead of pairing it with a suit jacket, wear with a cardigan or V-necked jumper instead.

On your legs, you want a pair of slim fitting trousers with a low rise and a tapered leg. Wear these with trainers such as Converse high-tops or a pair of lace up brogues. When youre doing geek chic, you can also forget about most sock rules and wear a bright or pattered pair even when youve got dark trousers on.

Corduroy trousers are another favourite, theyve been lurking around in geek wardrobes for years and if you make sure they are long enough to gather at the top of your shoes and you pair them with a thin leather belt, they will look great for years to come.

As with many looks, the devil is in the details and one of the most well recognised geek chic accessories is a pair of thick rimmed, slightly oversized glasses. However, only indulge in this trend if you genuinely do need prescription lenses, theres nothing that will lose you more geek cred than faking a need for specs.

Striped ties are another easy step into geekdom, just be sure you buy decent brands that are long and thick enough to shake off any schoolboy overtones. Keep your hair neat too, a tousled style is fine, but if you let it become too unkempt you really will look like youve been up all night playing games.

Other looks that should most definitely be avoided are coloured suspenders (unless you are the kind of confident guy whos looking for a serious style challenge), bum bags and pocket protectors. As a general rule, these are the kind of dorky looks that are best left to the geeks of yesteryear.

Adding a touch of geek chic to your wardrobe is easy and with the help of graphic tees, a few carefully chosen accessories and some slim-fitting trousers, youll be ready to let a little of your inner geek shine through.

Philip Smouha – Decades In The Fashion Industry

It has been said by many that the fashion industry is a cut-throat one. An industry that is very hard to succeed in simply due to the nature of how garments in particular change hands from manufacturers to end users.

The Smouha fabric company was a company that managed to successfully trade fabrics in Australia since 1950. That was until the Global financial crisis affected the customers of Smouha fabrics and they were unable to repay loans owed to the company.

We can still learn a lot about a fabric company that succeeded in this cut-throat industry. It was due to their great reputation, good service and above all else their commitment to stocking only the highest quality fabrics.

Smouha fabrics have lived through government changes in the last few decades which affected many importers. The government increasing the allowance of off shore manufacturing by reducing duties and tariffs is one such example. Even when competition became fierce with cheaper prices on offer to designers and manufacturers Smouha fabrics remained a trusted supplier. This was due to the fabric company delivering exactly what their customers wanted while financing them at the same time.

The fabric empire was started by Philips father Charles, originally from Manchester in the UK which traditionally was the textile centre. Long before the company traded millions of dollars each year the family business began with the goal of just surviving. The business continued to grow through many fashion trends from the 50s to today because of their great style and depth of knowledge of where trends were headed.

Philip Smouha, the director of the 49 year old family business has since found his footing after closing a chapter in his life and is successfully building companies once again. His son is involved in running a beer company called Lucky beer with him. The company has already had a great impact in Australia and off shore due to the cheeky nature of the marketing and original idea which no body has come up with before.

The solid principles of supporting customers and providing them with exactly what they need from the decades in the fashion industry have obviously not gone to waste. The Smouha family continue to live very successful lives.

Shopping for Women’s Running Shoes

Shopping for a new pair of running shoes can be a bit overwhelming. I was recently out with my wife while she was looking for a pair. There’s a huge selection of styles, colors and makes out there and it’s difficult to know what the best option is. As we moved from store to store including a number of online shops, I came up with a few helpful hints to make the process easier:

1. Do some research! Spend a little time assessing the market. Don’t rush into any purchase.

2. Price! Avoid spending more than $150. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on running shoes. You can get some great shoes for a very reasonable price. Consider brands that have good reputations and solid reviews. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a nice pair of shoes that have everything you want. 3. Carefully examine the shoes that you are considering for purchase. Make sure that the footwear not only has a style and fashion appealing to you, but that it can take some serious punishment. You don’t want something that looks great, but falls apart under too much wear.

4. Comfort! Does the shoe conform and complement the natural shape of your foot? Does it feel good? Well designed running shoes should reduce stress and augment motion.

We were soon fortunate enough to come across a terrific pair of running shoes made by ASICS called the Gel Noosa Tri 8 for women. The Tri 8 is one of the newer releases from ASICS and it’s a magnificently designed shoe. I was dazzled by its color scheme and trendy style.

This superbly engineered shoe was designed for active women who are on their feet a lot whether at work or play. It provides outstanding comfort and foot support at reasonable cost.

The Tri 8 has a number of critical advantages: First, it’s a very stable shoe. None of its competitors can even come close. The inside has been designed to complement the foot’s natural shape. This is important since the foot flexes and expands before a move is actually finished. Older shoes were not made to adapt to the foot’s natural shape. This meant that tired feet had to undergo unnecessary stress and strain. You don’t have this problem with the Gel Noosa Tri 8. Your feet will always feel relaxed and comfortable while you’re wearing these running shoes.

Another innovative design concept incorporated into the Tri 8 is the open mesh construction. This mesh design allows air to circulate more freely through the shoe which dissipates heat and moisture buildup. You don’t have to worry about hot, sweaty feet with the Gel Noosa Tri 8 running shoe for women. My wife loves her new pair!

For more information, please visit women’s running shoes.

Demand Of Garment Manufacturers In The World Market

Today, being the retailer or dealer of the fashion attire is a lucrative venture. Trendiest clothes are in craze admist the people of all age groups. These are designed by the experts and manufactured by highly skilled professionals. Accessible at economical rates, the array includes the designer wear for kids, men and women. These are made up of the high quality fabric and boost of the latest style statement.
Garment manufacturer can be seen as one of the most successful business in the world. However, certain factors should be kept in mind before setting out a manufacturing unit. Some of these factors are the availability of raw materials, labor force, market condition, transportation, travel prospect’ etc. In case, these one meets these criteria, it is very easy to set up the manufacturing unit. One just need to ensure that they have proper financial situation, else one might face great financial loss if the factors are not met.

Garment manufacturer nowadays have different product type. One could invest in field like sports, ethnic clothing, fashion clothing etc. However, the main motive remains the same which is ultimately to provide the best outfit as per the demand of the people suiting their requirement. Garment manufacturer can set up the industry once the government norms are fulfilled. Post setting up the industry, the production part needs to be responsive. However, the major factor that needs to be t be considered is the quality factor . The quality of the product manufactured has to be according to the demand of the people and should be consistently controlled by maintaining the various standard procedures.

Garment manufacturer should check that the value of their garment should stay truly unmatched. They should opt for the innovative measures and regular improvement in their production techniques. People of today’s era are very particular about the durability, fine stitch, value, fastness and shrink resistant characteristics. They select the best when they buy garments for themselves or gift others on special occasion. Whether they go to the retail stores or they purchase from online shops, the Indian garment manufacturer offers great deals for all.

Some of the top garment manufacturer have gained the wide recognition in the global front. This mainly due to their dedicated efforts in meeting the top most quality standards, right from the procurement of the raw material to the development of the final product. They take initiative in manufacturing and delivering bulk consignment in a given time frame. Garment manufacturer also offer the customized solutions to the purchasers. The easy fee matter has further supplemented to the convenience of the customers. With the growing number of garment manufacturers online, customers can choose pieces, compare charges and enjoy intelligent shopping without having to waste pointless time and money.