Chocolate Gold And Pearl Jewelry Trends

Hailing from the country who knows fashion like no one’s business, Italian-inspired chocolate gold jewelry is reaching the shores of the U.S. and making real waves. This evolution is a new gold alloy in a warm brown shade. The cutting-edge, breathtaking color creates a deeper dimension to skin tones of all types, as well as today’s current fashions. The discerning jewelry lover who is seeking something truly unique will fall in love with the look of chocolate gold – a great twist on a timeless classic.

In fact, chocolate gold is so popular right now it’s the new black in jewelry design. Designers are creating some spectacular treats that look good enough to eat. Whether you prefer gold, pearls or gemstones, this irresistible color is one of the season’s hottest trends.

Chocolate gold, specifically, is created in a special process called PVD (physical vaporization and deposition). A designer begins with rose gold and applies the PVD treatment to produce the chocolate gold. While some pieces can range as much as $10,000 and beyond, there are also jewelry pieces that create the same look with 14K chocolate brown gold coating.

Chocolate diamonds are enjoying some well-deserved recognition recently on the red carpets. Celebrities such as Fergie, Halle Berry and Terri Hatcher have been seen wearing the gem that was once an object of disdain. Known as brown diamonds, these gems were once considered low grade. These naturally-occurring diamonds pair beautifully with white diamonds, chocolate pearls, turquoise and other colored gem stones. Chocolate diamonds possess the same properties and durability as white diamonds. The only difference is their color.

For several years chocolate pearls have been riding a popularity wave reserved only for those who could afford their pricey status. Recently, these beauties are being made available with the mainstream crowd at more affordable prices. These tiny delights are actually Tahitian and freshwater pearls that have undergone a proprietary, pigment-altering heating process, or organic dyeing process that transforms them into that delicious chocolate hue. Imitation pearls are created through a dyeing process with silver nitrate.

Like chocolate gold, chocolate pearls are favored by those with a fashion-forward sense when it comes to jewelry. Not to be confused with grandmother’s classic string of pearls, chocolate pearls have an unpredictable flair that goes well with today’s fashions. And fortunately, it’s a hue that wears well on nearly anyone. Worn against all the brown fashions available these days, brown pearls creates a tonal quality against camel, adds soft contrast to creamy white and gives the all-black urban style a new dimension. For the bride, chocolate pearls add a burnished dimension to wedding whites and creams.

The idea of chocolate and jewelry are certainly not new concepts. What woman doesn’t love a beautiful piece of jewelry accompanied by rich, dark cocoa treats? One Italian jewelry designer was inspired by these two elements in her recent collection. It didn’t hurt that the town she lives and works in is also known for its superb chocolate. In fact, the city’s first chocolate candy factory was founded in the 1800s. Using that as inspiration, the designer applied the PVD process and added elements of rose gold to her jewelry designs.

Wearable Chocolate Jewelry

Perhaps not surprisingly, this love for chocolate and jewelry has inspired a few notable European chocolatiers to create cocoa jewelry that is both wearable and edible. For example, a Belgium chocolatier has for several decades been creating chocolate diamonds, surely inspired by the city of Antwerp, Belgium, the historic center of diamond trading. The diamond-shaped confections come in milk, dark, white and marbled chocolate.

Combining chocolate and sugar paste, an English chocolatier creates edible, wearable necklaces and earrings. Meanwhile, in Switzerland two confectioners design chocolate, jewel-covered treats. Their collection includes pieces that are covered with edible foil in silver or gold, as well as edible diamonds or gemstones.

Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel – The Pearl Of Tay Ho

Hotel Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake is first base in Vietnam by corporations Intercontinental – the ownership, management, leasing and franchise brand with more than 4,000 hotels and 590,000 guest rooms in nearly 100 countries and regions of rule.

Opening from 12/2007, to early 2008 Hotel Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake has Magazine reputation Conde Nast Traveler voted one of the hotels attractions new world. In this 10 months, the hotel continues receipt “Hotel in the best city in Vietnam in 2008” by TTG Asia – the famous magazine in Asia for tourism, economy – giving.

Department under Hotel Tourism Do Hong Spiral for Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel is a 5 star 9th in Hanoi and the Tourism select a location in the seminar to serve Forum ASEAN tourism in 2009, is expected take place from 5 to 12/1/2009.

Tra Khanh Do Ba, Head of Foreign Policy of Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake, said, with a minimum area of 43m2, living room here is classified and compared with the largest hotel in the city. Besides, the hotel also has restaurant system with style cuisine of countries like Italy and France. /.

Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel – The pearl of Tay Ho

The Pearl in the hand built entirely on water lake west dreaming, Hotel Intercontinental lung beautiful and spiritual as a travel book
The Pearl Sparkling cause any visitors will be ng? ngng and anti ngop … Not a lot of the building floors, Intercontinental special because it was built as a combination of the villa extremely luxurious and snh di?u. Each of the villas are separated as small islands on the lake, connected by roads and bending eel gracious. All rooms have balcony, is surrounded by wind, by the dew ln slim icedrift l?ng on a ton of rolling waves, by the beautiful scenery of the West’s …
Day, Intercontinental romantic, peaceful and clear as achieving a nursing vacation. Try to enjoy the breakfast balcony outdoor hotel, to feel the fresh wind of tomorrow reagent and watching a Western m? beautiful dew smoke evolution as a picture …
Afternoon falls, Intercontinental lung linh, vibrant and luxurious with thousands gleam t?a down the lake. Water as gold is set, move by bending their gusty.

Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel – Building luxury rooms and trendy

Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel buildings including a main building and three villas is unique as the small island on the lake with a total of 359 rooms are built according to the architecture of Europe, combined with gracious features, Uyen transfer of Vietnamese culture. All rooms have private balcony, romantic and peaceful …
Room at the Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake under the luxury
deliver the most current bu?ng with shower, tub, and stand, mini bar, wide screen TV LCD, DVD, internet connection speed, system speaker advanced audio … Area and a minimum of 43m2, luxury rooms are large on 65m2. Especially, a large room to 305m2 with many special services to serve in separate rooms without complaint to politicians.

Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel – Discover the world food

Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel as a world food out with many different styles: Restaurant Caf Du Lac style of the French, the leading design is the harmonious combination between rustic wood, stone and color gam am inspired to feel warm and thi mail. The entire space a luxury for you feel great buff et with party, party seafood.
If Sai Gon Restaurant style Asia, but the flat features trendy Saigon as a little to the Sunset Bar is located on a private island, the whole road is surrounded by the lighting is ng?n, romantic and peaceful, for
beautiful moment of sunset.
Most Popular Italian restaurant is Milan. Restaurants with architecture combines harmony between European style with modern features rustic, d Asian villages are located on the second floor of the hotel. Besides scenery overlooking the beautiful lake side, customers have secure internal threshold
th?t luxurious and unique restaurant with the kitchen glass shelves and wine reputation. More than 200 types of wine grapes from 10 countries famous traditional wine made in the convergence here.

Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel Health club

Health Club equipped device Arcade’s modern brand Life Fitness (USA). Besides the 6 May run, 3 in contact with the body, 2 horizontal bike and 2 bike stands are integrated screen liquid crystals, the club has sufficient machines in the Ta, May Day chest, computer pushing shoulder, in co di and sit in the other groups.
Ground floor is a bit to come with the same dressing room. Security cabinet was locked digital modern, the bathroom is designed with separate space fine. Swimming pool facilities are right they are built with natural stone, sun beds su?i between a garden of tropical plants in cool blue … all in InterCotinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel.

Berjaya Group owns 75% shares of Hotel Intercontinental Hanoi (equivalent to 100 million USD). Berjaya Group Berhad Corporation is headquartered in the floor 12 (East Wing), Berjaya Times Square, No.1, Jalan Imbi , 55100 Kualar Lumpur, Malaysia.
Berjaya Corporation Berhad is a corporation
multi-scale top in Malaysia
with more than 100 subsidiary and affiliates, have
30,000 employees, specialized in
Investment in real estate, finance, lotto, lower
urban level, informatics and communications. At
Currently, corporations have 9 company also posted
price floor on securities transactions Malaysia (Bursa Securities). In many years, corporations Berjaya Corporation Berhad is very much interested to become a major investor in Malaysia to Vietnam.

Pearl Rope Necklaces A Different Way To Make A Fashion Statement

Pearls are todays finest fashion jewelry for instant elegance and look of class and sophistication. They are considered as prized gems that bring out the best in the woman wearing it. They are worn in different forms of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces and frequently worn on special occasions such as weddings and family gatherings.

Pearl necklaces are a favorite of women the world over. A pretty top, cardigan, jeans or a long evening gown can be matched up with almost any pearl necklace.

One of the most popular type of pearl necklace is called rope pearl necklace. Rope pearl necklaces are a long strand of pearls at least 36 inches in length.
Often considered to be one of the most dramatic type of pearl necklaces, It can be worn on a casual day or with an evening waer to make it more elegant and sexy.

Since pearl ropes are lengthy, there are various ways for you to wear it. Have you ever tried experimenting with them? If not, then check out these various ways to wear your pearl ropes and make a cool statement in fashion:

Try doubling your pearls to make a double strand necklace, or even tripled to create a stunning multi-strand pearl choker. This would be perfect for an open neckline gowns or tube dresses.

Tie it in a knot, or tangle it nonchalantly in half-length to get that sophisticated and charming modern look reminiscent of the 1920s fashion.

Excite the crowd with your V-back or backless dress accentuated with the beauty of a rope necklace draped over the shoulder and knotted in the back.

Some rope pearls with several clasps can be broken down into different necklace and bracelet combinations.

Mix and match your pearls with two or more strands of various lengths and color to make a fashion statement.

Wrap your pearl necklace several times around your wrist for that chic and bold bracelet.

Get everyday gorgeous and wear your ropes stunningly with an unbuttoned neckline of a blouse or shirt.

If you want to try something different, wrap your pearls around your waist to serve as an elegant belt matched with your one piece dress or gown.

The versatility of these pearl ropes are endless. Instead of letting it hang down in one big swoop, which is the most common pattern, there are other exciting ways for you to wear your lovely strands of pearls.

Black Pearl Liveaboard Holiday Review

Choosing the Black Pearl Liveaboard

Having already been scuba diving in the Maldives, my friends knew that the best way to explore as many dive sites as possible in our 2-week holiday was to go on a liveaboard holiday. It is also the cheapest way to see the Maldives, considering the prices of these amazing resorts. The nice ones can run at way over USD 500 each night! The last time my friends visited, they booked through a company called Maldives Dive Travel and had been really happy with the trip, so we decided to go with them again. Looking at the Maldives Dive Travel site and other similar sites, I noticed that Maldives Dive Travel has the best selection of liveaboard boats and the site is really user-friendly. You can see loads of photos of the boats and all the information you really need. The Black Pearl is one of the cheaper boats that they offer, which is a big part of why we chose it. All we really care about is the scuba diving and having a lot of fun in a group, so the Black Pearl was perfect for us.

Black Pearl Liveaboard Facilities

The Black Pearl really has everything you could need on a scuba diving holiday and more. The Black Pearl holds 14 people comfortably and there were 12 in our group, so we had a little extra space. Of the 12, 10 of us were scuba divers. I was a little concerned for the non-diving members of the group because I didnt know what they were going to do all day, but they had a great time relaxing on the boat, sunbathing and snorkelling while we were diving. There are other activities on Black Pearl that we all took part in, a part from scuba diving like fishing it was great when we caught some tuna and the chef would prepare it sashimi-style with ginger and soy and we would all tuck in. Theres really nothing like the taste of fresh tuna, especially when you catch it yourself!!!

The rooms on Black Pearl are very comfortable; all have en-suite, hot water bathrooms, air-conditioning and exterior windows so you can see the amazing blue water all the time during your holiday. There is a nice communal living area with a bar fully stocked, thank goodness, and a dining area. There are comfortable sun-loungers to relax in while you are not diving. It is quite a big boat, just less than 100 feet, and so even with 12 guests and all the crew on board, it never felt crowded.

Black Pearl Service and Food

After the scuba diving, the food in the Maldives was probably the next biggest highlight for me. We were served three meals every day, plus afternoon snacks and there was plenty of food. As you know, scuba diving really works up a hunger (and a thirst), but the catering on the Black Pearl totally satisfied! Most meals included fresh fish and rice, all cooked to perfection. The chef does a good job of combining international cuisine with local Maldivian specialties, so we all got to try new things, without being thrown out of our comfort zones. There were no complaints from our party on the Black Pearl, and all our plates were always clean at the end of the meals. The bar also got a thumbs up from our group. We drank mainly beer, but there was a full selection of wine and liquor on board.

As far as service is concerned, the Black Pearl did a great job. All the crew members were really friendly and the dive instructors were informative and inspired confidence. They knew everything about the dive sites we visited each day and all about the animals we saw under the water. They were also all really down to earth and genuinely excited for us and our new diving experiences. I liked this; so many times the dive instructors can be aloof and behave as if they are superior.

Black Pearl Itinerary

The Black Pearl offers 7 and 12-night holidays. Since our trip to the Maldives was a 14-night trip, we did the 12-day Black Pearl diving safari and then spent two nights at the W Hotel Retreat to finish off the holiday and rest our weary scuba diving bodies. Upon arriving at Male Airport, we were collected at the airport and taken to the Black Pearl. As soon as everyone was on board, the ship set sail and headed off towards the first dive site. When we got there, to Lions Head, we took our initial status dive which helps the dive instructors and dive masters understand what level everyone is at and if you hadnt dived for a while, like me, it serves as a great refresher. The Black Pearl personnel are obviously conscious of everyones safety which was really reassuring. We took 2 or 3 dives each day and one night dive, for a total of 30 dives throughout the trip. It sounds like a lot of scuba diving, but I think it was the perfect amount and it satisfied our cravings for another few months, at least!

Black Pearl Diving

The diving in the Maldives was definitely first-class. What was great about the Black Pearl and all other dive boats was that there was a second boat accompanying the Black Pearl, called a Dhoni, where we kept all the equipment. We used this boat to actually take the dives which made the whole experience more comfortable. Some people brought their own equipment, although the majority of us hired the equipment from the Black Pearl and it was all in great condition no complaints here. As far as marine life goes, we saw some amazing things, including the most important creatures in the Maldives the Whale Sharks and Manta Rays. We also saw turtles, dolphins, moray eels, reef sharks, barracuda, nurse sharks and a whole array of fish, from massive napoleon wrasse to tiny Oriental Sweetlips. It was simply amazing!

All in all, our Black Pearl adventure was excellent. If I had to rate it, it would definitely get a 9 out of 10, maybe even a 10 and I truly hope to be able to return another day for more Maldives adventures.

Discovering The Pearl Of Mexico

Playa Del Carmen is a very exciting place. It is the place where everyone goes to relax and enjoy—.the place for having complete rest in peaceful surroundings and perfect ambiance. You are stressed and need to unwind then there is no other place than Playa Del Carmen. As more and more people are becoming aware of this beautiful place, more hotels are opening. Hotels Playa Del Carmen provide for excellent service that would be at par with any other hotel anywhere in the world.

If you want to get trip organized to visit the mysterious Mayan ruins the Hotels in Playa Del Carmen would help you do it. They can also organize if you want to learn scuba diving or surfing. The hotels also have entertainment organized for the guest and you won’t feel bored. Moreover, the standards of rooms that are available are of the best quality. You get every comfort that you wish for. The food served in the restaurant is of international standard and you get all types of cuisines there.

Looking for suitable Lodging Playa Del Carmen is not such a problem as there are many other alternatives also available in addition to hotels. You can opt to stay in condo or rent a villa for the duration of your stay. It would give you comfort like your own home, but you might have to do you own cooking or any other tasks.

Wherever you decide to stay in Playa Del Carmen you would surely enjoy it. The beach is very clean and the water sparkling blue. The weather is mostly very co-operative. Those who love to party would find many bars along the 5th that is a fantastic location for partying. There are clubs located on the beach and are away from the beach so their noise does not reach most of the hotels and resorts. Going to Playa Del Carmen would be a holiday for life time for you.