The Importance Of Wearing A Costume Jewelry Pearl Necklace

A costume jewelry pearl necklace is widely chosen by women who want to look extraordinarily beautiful on their special day.

It can take a plain outfit and make it stand out where as before; it would just blend in and not be noticed. Costume jewelry, can let you personalize your wardrobe and allow you to stand out by having that special jewelry piece on.

It can make your outfit look like you spent hundreds of dollars on it, if you add the costume jewelry properly.

A costume jewelry pearl necklace is never out of style. It radiates, style, social status, luxury and elegance. It can enhance many styles in necklines of clothes and is never out of fashion. A pearl necklace can look beautiful on a bride, or complement a white shirt.

It is the favourite choice of many women because of its natural glossy appeal. So, every woman can choose a pearl necklace that goes well with her body color.

A costume jewelry pearl necklace has become popular amongst many well-known celebrities. Many actresses are wearing lustrous pearls that are bigger and bolder. Many of these women have brought the popularity back to wearing a pearl necklace and accessorizing with them.

Jackie Onassis and Princess Diana are two elegant women that wore pearls and made them popular in the fashion industry. Although their pearls were genuine and not affordable to most people, there are many imitation pearl necklaces that look sophisticated and won’t cost a fortune.

Owning a costume pearl necklace will not only add to your beauty and elegance but also a great piece in your collection of precious gems and jewelries. Famous jewelry stores both online and offline offer these pearls and jewelries which add to any woman’s sophistication.

With a v-neckline, there is not much skin showing, so by adding a necklace that is chunky, will not go well. A necklace that has a drop pendant with a small pearl that is not heavy but more delicate will look great. A choker or a broach that is attached at the bottom of the v-neck line will add just the right touch.

A costume jewelry pearl necklace helps to bring out the most charming side of the ladies. It presents the diligence of the person who wears it during the important events. A Pearl necklace is evenly well matched with a traditional dress and also looks fashionable with the modern outfit as well.

A costume jewelry pearl necklace is one more satisfaction, an immense pleasure that your charming lady can have. It is the ultimate fashion statement for women covering her neck. If you are thinking to style up for an upcoming occasion with a beautiful costume pearl necklace you definitely are on a right track of simple and powerful styling.

There are several reasons why pearl is preferred over other jewelries like it is bit cheaper as compared to diamond or other very precious jewelry items. It is stunningly beautiful when worn in any occasions because of its deep and classic beauty.

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How To Identify Tahitian Black Pearl

Commonly known around the world as black pearls, the pearls of Tahiti are indigenous to the remote lagoons of French Polynesia in the South Pacific. Today, the Tahitian pearl has become an exotic gem sought after by celebrities and pearl aficionados alike.

Some people use the term black pearl to refer to any dark colored pearl, dyed or natural color. In this part of natural back pearl, we will discuss Tahitian pearl as it is a distinguished type of real natural black pearls. Traditionally we identify Tahitian black pearl by the attribute of them. For example we identify them by the shape, color, Luster and Nacre.

1. size
Tahitian pearl can grow to 9mm to 22mm of diameter. Size has great impact of price. In Pearl buying Guide, Renee, Newman state the price jump of 1 mm increasing in the size of medium-quality pearls can raise their price 100 – 200%.

2. shape
The prices of Tahitian pearls go from high to low as below: round, off-round, drop, button, circle.

3. Color
Tahitian pearls aren’t all black. In fact, they are much colorful than you think. They can be gray, green, blue, lavender, brown, black and with iridescence, they look like peacock leather. To simulate the unique precious Tahitian pearl, there are many dyed or treated black pearls appear on the market. Identify the real or treated one with our pearl Dyeing test to protect your benefit from unfaithful trade.

4. Surface Quality
Tahitian pearl are very precious. Every year, those perfect and high luster Tahitian pearls are sold in pearl auction. The surfaces imperfections make Tahitian pearl more affordable. When choosing a Tahitian pearl, you can consider pearls with some flaws or blemishes on a certain side. When they are made to jewelry, the blemishes can be perfectly covered with the post or mounting set.Tahiti cultured pearl farmers generally use four ratings for surface quality: A, B, C and D.

Top gem: Flawless pearl, excellent luster

Quality A: 90% flaw-free surface. On the remained 10%, the pearl may have some slight concentrated imperfections with one or two deep imperfections tolerated. At least a very high luster.

Quality B: 70% flaw-free surface. On the remaining 30%, the pearl may have some slight concentrated imperfections with one or two deep imperfections tolarated. At least a high luster.

Quality C: 40% flaw-free surface. On the remaining 60%, the pearl may have some slight concentrated imperfections with a 10% of deep imperfections tolerated. At least a medium luster.

Quality D: Pearl has either a large amount of slight flaws distributed over 60% of the surface, or several slight and deep flaws distributed over 60% of the surface at the most, regardless of the luster.

Pearl Necklaces Never Run Out Of Style

Pearl necklaces never run out of fashion. They are always classy, ??elegant and quite flexible as wardrobe accessories. They are one of the most popular choice for wedding gift, a birthstone of June and they have long-lasting, mystical appeal that has been celebrated for thousands of years.

Pearls are less often when they are produced naturally, but at the same pearls are quite affordable, their quality is way inferior to natural pearls. To untrained eyes, it is very difficult to say, the natural pearl from her grown cousin. Probably the only way to distinguish between the use of X-ray, the “core” will be observed in cultured variety.

Some of the most popular types of pearl necklaces are used for Mikimoto, Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea pearls. Mikimoto pearls are the highest quality and come in different colors. Akoya pearls are often white, cream or silver, and Tahiti and South Sea pearls are darker colors. Saltwater pearls are more expensive than freshwater pearls.

Choosing pearl necklace length
Choosing the right pearl necklace depends on the length of the user’s age, neck size and overall body composition. In general, long necklaces tend to elongate the neck and draw attention away from the shorter length in contrast to those who flatter longer necks. Here are the different lengths of pearl necklace is recommended that every woman has a unique need:

Collar – usually 10-13 cm in length and are quite flexible or evening wear or casual day wear. These are worn high on the neck, above the ground. Another style dog collar, which is made up of several strands, it is quite popular in the Victorian era and is slowly making comeback.

Choker – 16 to 18 cm long, chokers around the neck. A good choice for women and long, thin neck, which may de chokers emphasize the throat length.

Princess – 17 to 20 inches in length, is the most popular size, classic enough to match any outfit or neckline.

Matinee – 20 to 24 cm in length. This works well worn with dresses, business suits and business wear and is a great choice for occasions to be semi-formal wear.

Opera – 28-34 cm long, usually worn during formal events and occasions. Due to its length, this pearl necklace can be doubled in two parts. When worn as is, it should ideally reach below the bust line.

Rope or sautoir – the longest, from 37 inches to wear the best costumes. Rope length should not hang a pearl in the user’s neck alone. They can be doubled or knotted, more style flexibility. Some even come with a lot of links, which allow the wearer to use a shorter length necklace.

Short necks will be good to wear pearl strands that sit at least 2 “below the collarbone and a thick or heavy necks will look good in the measurement chain length, beginning at 18. Long thin necks are flattered by shorter lengths, especially those who sit at the neck, then her throat curve.

Fleshy necks look better necklace, lying below the base, especially if the direction of segmented or comes with a square, rectangular or any of the said suspension. Necks that are wide at the base to be neck to at least 1 “below the collarbone or more strands.

Other styles of pearl necklace

Other styles of pearl necklace is a bib, which as the name implies, covers the neck and upper part of the chest a few strands of different lengths. Another option is a graduate of necklace consisting of pearls in graduated lengths, usually with the largest gem / s in the middle. The popular style is the same necklace where pearls of similar size are strung together.

Specify size and color of pearls

Although white, cream, pink, silver or pearls generally have a good look on anyone, they can best improve your skin fairer. Gold or yellow pearls look best on darker skin tones.

Usually younger women should wear smaller pearls. At his residence, they could show their youthful necks with smaller chains and pendants. Older women may want to use longer-term pearl necklace to draw attention away from their necks. They may also wear more pearls to a wider, double-or triple-axis circuits.

Pearl Necklace Sets

One of the best ways to buy matching jewelry is for those who come to the set. In this way, you have necklaces, earrings and a pair or ring or bracelet to match the style will come. However, if you just want to necklaces, some jewelers will allow you to purchase a single set.

Pearl Gift Items For Girls Of Any Generation

Beginning of a Pearl:

Pearls are made naturally within the shell of a living mollusk and other oysters. The most inexplicable part of their origin is that these lovely and pristine beads are shaped deep underneath the sea, absolutely aloof from the world and its impurities. In addition, what is most astonishing is that these valued gemstones are developed on account of a setting off by an irritant which goes in the shell of the oysters.

When an oyster enters the shell, the oyster isolates a nacreous and tough stuff to surround the irritant. This element after a while forms into a lovely and lustrous bead of pearl, generally known as mother of pearl.

Importance of Natural pearls:

A fine quality natural pearl is a cherished gem. Their quality is reviewed in the basis of lustre, surface quality, orient, shape and size.

The abstruseness linked to their foundation, the cost affixed with them and their delicate splendor makes them an alluring gift idea for women.

Mother of Pearl is high-priced since they are quite hard to find in the nature and are seriously challenging to get. Divers should swim deep into the dimness of the sea and try hard to acquire one. Much like it is challenging to run after a female and have great results. This isas well a factor why they make for such exceptional gift items.

Pearls as Presents:

The ideal quality of a pearl is the fact it signifies modern day woman, lovely and mystical and that they can stick with almost any variety of appearance and leeway any girl’s loveliness.

They make for a great gift idea for modern day industry woman as pearl jewellery can go with formals and also everyday and allow her that classy advantage, that every single female dreams. In addition, pearls could very well be sported by women of any age, by a timid sweet 16 teenager, by a mature woman and by a gracefully aged older woman. Furthermore, as these are cherished and semi-precious gem stones these may be gifted on any occasion, on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

Pearl Ornaments as Gifts:

Preceding are a few pearl gift concepts for women of all age:

* For Teenage Girl: deliver this delicate beauty, positioned on the onset of blooming into a very fine lady soon, a pearl and crystal tiara or a charm bracelet. These are child like on one side and classy in another breathe, beautifully connotes sweet 16!

* For a Woman: Many of the women are working women in recent times. Grant them a charming and minimalistic pair of pearl earrings or a pendant. These are classy and because of their decent look they go well with business garments including evening outfits. Excellent for a working woman’s closet!

* For Aged Ladies: Grant your mom or auntie a wonderful pearl bracelet to leeway her wrinkled wrist.

Channel Your Inner Michelle Obama With Pearl Jewelry

No matter which political party you may belong to, we can all appreciate great style. Since the First Lady came onto the national stage, it seems the nation cannot get enough of her personal style. She has the amazing ability to pair assertive clothing with feminine touches and splashes of color. Her style is uniquely hers, yet is the style of every woman.

One thing we do notice is that Michelle Obama loves to accessorize, and she does it very well. One of her favorite accessories is pearl jewelry. And why not?! Pearl jewelry is back in a big way. You can wear pearl jewelry virtually with anything – from jeans and a white collar shirt to a sheath dress. Pearl jewelry is versatile and chic.

Many First Ladies have worn pearl jewelry during their days in the White House. However, as we have seen from the campaign trail to her first days as First Lady, Michelle Obama has a wonderful ability to make pearl jewelry look modern, hip and sophisticated. From the purple sheath dress in Minnesota to the first White House formal dinner, here are a few of our favorite looks and how you can get the same look and channel your inner Michelle Obama.

Single Strand Pearl Necklace
The night President Obama secured the Democratic nomination for President, Michelle appeared in a simple, yet bold purple belted sheath dress that had everyone talking. First of all, for a mother of two, she is in great shape! This simple dress was accented really with 3 things earrings, watch, and a large white pearl necklace. However, it was really the dress and necklace that received the most attention.

Everyone has a sheath dress in their closet. No matter what color it is, you can easily get this look by adding a simple white pearl necklace. Finding pearls of that size may be a little more expensive and harder to find. However, there are many South Sea pearls available that can help you achieve a very similar look. Look for South Sea pearl necklaces that run from 9 to 11mm. These are larger in size yet still run for a more affordable price. For more inexpensive choices, try Akoya pearls or Freshwater pearls. These are a tad smaller in size but can still help you achieve the same objective. Also be sure to find necklaces with shorter strands. You will want to keep your eyes out for pearl necklaces that run about 18 or shorter in length to fit comfortably around the neck.

Long Strand Pearl Necklace
During the final debate of the presidential campaign in 2008, Michelle Obama once again rocked another simple sheath dress, this time with cap sleeves. However, now she chose to accent it with a much longer pearl necklace. She then added her own style to it by selecting a necklace that had another one of her favorite accessories broaches. Three flower broaches were placed throughout the necklace which turned it into a completely unique piece of jewelry.

Long pearl necklaces are all the rage now. To achieve this same look, you will want to shop for pearl necklaces that are 36 or longer. Longer necklaces require additional pearls to be placed on the strand, so these will run a little higher in price. To fit within your pocket book, you will want to shop Freshwater or Akoya pearl necklaces because these tend to run a little lower in price for quality pearls. Once youve found your pearl necklace, pair it with three broaches or even hair pins that you can attach to the necklace. You can switch the broaches in and out with each other to get different looks. Really, you will never have to wear the same necklace twice!

Multi Strand Gold and Chocolate Pearl Necklace
During the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Michelle Obama attended a luncheon for Emilys List. There she appeared in a dazzling combination of chocolate and gold pearls that complimented her light sandy brown dress and cardigan perfectly. In this example, the First Lady really shows her unique style.

While finding a necklace that has both golden and chocolate pearls on it may be difficult and very expensive, you can pair two different strands together for the same effect. True golden pearl jewelry is generally South Sea pearl jewelry. These are available in beautiful rich golden hues. You may be able to find other pearls that are golden, but chances are these may be dyed. For chocolate pearls, there are many Freshwater pearls available in chocolate tones for an affordable price. Take these two strands and wear them at the same time to get the same look as Michelle. Then, when you want to, you can wear each on their own. If you really would like a multi color pearl necklace, there are many strands that combine different colors as well as different types of pearls.

White, Silver Multi Strand Pearl Necklace
At the first White House State dinner, the First Lady wowed everyone with an amazing formal gown that sparkled and shined. She truly demonstrated her confidence to wear such a beautiful dress. She then added a gorgeous multi strand pearl necklace which included cream colored pearls and silver jewels. This necklace made a definite statement, again about her confidence and sense of fashion.

For the silver portion of the necklace, there are many inexpensive choices to choose from in department stores. Layered necklaces are really big right now, so there shouldnt be too much of a problem finding a few sets of layered necklaces. Once you have found the necklaces, then you can pair it with a long cream colored pearl necklace. Choose a 36 necklace or longer so you can loop it around your neck once or twice. There are even some pearl necklaces that already come in double, or triple strands. Again, because the necklace has to be long, or is a pre-made double strand, more pearls will be needed and the price may go up. So look for the lesser expensive Freshwater or Akoya pearls for affordable, quality alternatives.

The simplicity of pearl jewelry allows you leniency in how bold you can go with it. Like Michelle Obama, you can take risks and really enjoy being fashionable with pearl jewelry. Or, like the First Lady, you can be simple and chic with a classic pearl necklace and a dress. Either way, pearl necklaces offer you versatility and style for whatever occasion youd like. Channel your inner Michelle and pick up a pearl necklace that you can use again and again to achieve great, timeless style.