Jewelry Photography In Its Entire Splendor

Jewelry has always been an object of fascination for most women of all communities. Its origin is dated thousands of years ago in prehistoric times when caveman used to wear animal skeletons on their neck. From the ancient Roman civilization and the Egyptian culture till now, people have been wearing jewelries as a means of affirming ones status. Today, jewelries hold all its splendor with several varieties of precious metals, gems and stones.

Several types of jewelries exist for several purposes; for example there are special jewelries for weddings and engagement, other kinds of jewelries as gifts-giving, specific Celtic jewelries, religion-oriented jewelries among others. The photography of jewelry demands a lot of tact and experience. If you are a Jeweler looking for advices for your business, this article is for you and will concentrate on jewelry photography.

What should you know as a Jeweler?

First of all, the basic thing you need to bear in mind that jewelries are generally attractive in nature, it is important to retain the same attractiveness in its photos or Flash animations. You can even enhance its look through a cozy background dcor. For example shooting the high definition photo of a wedding diamond ring in a beautiful box gives a better visual appeal than just photo shooting a standalone ring.

About Photography of Jewelry

Excellent jewelry photos need to be clear, sharp, dozed with the proper soft lighting in order to create the required sparkle. Also, something very important to note is that for close-up photos of jewelries, the digital camera should have excellent focusing abilities and for this to work well, the digital photo camera should be fixed on a tripod.

With regards to jewelry lighting, it is advisable and for better quality not to use flash lights. Instead, the use of continuous lighting is highly recommended.

Using plexiglass support is also advisable as a mirror effect can be created for a more professional end-product.

Problems in jewelry photography

Jewelry photos are quite problematic. Even without models wearing them, there are a number of issues to address. Whether they are pearls, diamonds, colored gemstones, semi-precious stones, crystals of materials such as silver, gold and platinum, the creation of sublime jewelry photos requires a technical know-how.
First of all, there is the problem of cast shadow. Even when laid on a flat surface, jewelries such as rings and earrings will produce unnecessary cast shadows.

Also and most importantly, there are reflections. The purity of a diamond reflects its value and you must therefore emphasize on that purity through exquisite photos which do not tire the eye of the beholder. Indeed, there are basic home solutions making use of clothes, paper and glass plates. But if these solutions are suitable for amateur photos, they are more risky for professional photographic usage.

How to take excellent jewelry HD photos and interactive animations?

Using a professional photo studio, such as the PackshotMacro gives jewelry photos such as precious stones their entire splendor. Equipped with a professional Macro camera, its constant lighting reduces glare and help enhance the purity of the gemstones. No need for any external lighting setup as the digital photo studio is already equipped with daylight conditioned lighting.

Being an intuitive automated photo solution, the PackshotCreator photo studio captures your jewelries in high definition to portray each and every facet of the precious metals. Moreover, high quality interactive animations can be created with such a creative photo lightbox.

Kranichs Simon G Jewelry Collection When Jewelry is Art

If Jewelry designing is considered an art, Simon G will surely be its Michelangelo. The works of Simon Ghanimian is a perfect mixture of age old beauty and elegance. It brings to the customer an exquisite blend of sleek smooth modern designs along with the gorgeousness of old designs with gem stones and rose gold finishes. The personal attention and creativity that is put into the Simon G Jewelry is reflected by the powerful pieces of Jewelry that his creations are. His artistry is unique and breath-taking and results in the elegant but powerful jewelleries that he creates.

His collection of beautiful Jewelry designs cater to male and female Jewelry enthusiasts equally. His collection for men includes bold and powerful designs with occasional touches of diamond and superior gold finishing. His creations are a testament of power and authority, the same as any man. In case you are choosing something as a gift for the fairer sex or an engagement ring for the bride to be look no beyond his Malibu Collection and Vanity Fair Collections. Kranichs Simon G Jewelry offers exquisite and enthralling designs for various ornaments for women. Starting from dazzling bracelets, to special diamond engagement rings and stretching till elegant, gorgeous necklaces and pair of earrings are on offer for women. Simon G is famous for his bold experiments with colours and vibrant shades that justify the sumptuous usage of gemstones in his Jewelry. The Kranichs Simon G collection assures you that you will be receiving a piece of art in the form of Simon G Jewelry irrespective of the design and the piece that you choose.

Simon G Jewelry is famous for its whimsical but organized designs and usage of diamonds and gemstones. This characteristic makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones on the special day of wedding or engagement. The pieces are a perfect blend of gorgeous elegance and modern simplicity which will surely win her heart for you. Are you interested in making her ears dazzle with beauty and elegance? Then a pair of earrings is your choice of gift. In case you want a bracelet with a strong fashion statement for your loved ones, look no beyond than the Kranichs Simon G Jewelry collection of dazzling and gorgeous bracelets that makes her fiercely beautiful and elegant. Otherwise you can also look at gifting a stunning piece of Simon G necklace to your loved one and watch how she seeps beauty and elegance. Also available are elegant and gorgeous diamond engagement rings for glorifying the special day of union.

Each and every piece of Jewelry creation by Simon G is an inspired piece of artwork. They are perfect for enhancing the speciality quotient of the bride to bes wedding day. The huge collection of Kranichs Simon G will ensure that you are spoilt for choice and enable you to find that desired piece of Jewelry for making the gift exquisitely special.

Silver Jewelry Vs Gold Jewelry Pros And Cons

Silver jewelry has always been the traditional favorite of the Americans and more so because of its subtle charm and its ability to match any changing trends in fashion. This holiday the sales of silver jewelry at the Tiffanys have been 7.2% more than that in the year 2009. Silver is much appreciated and preferred over gold, majorly due to its market value. The affordability silver provides is incredibly practical for most families in the U.S. On the contrary, gold jewelry is a piece of magnificence created in a precious metal of incredible value. The gold prices are soaring high and there is a lot of controversy on the resale value of gold in the coming years.

If you see it in the fashion point of view, gold jewelry adds in the bling factor to your fashion or style statement but to carry off this piece of precious metal jewelry one needs to take extra care of the styles they match this look with. For instance, there are only a few colors that work along well with gold. Since gold gives the grandeur impression on the onlookers, the fabric colors of the dresses worn along with them must be characterized by subtle hues that contrast the glorious shine of gold jewelry. On the other hand, while most colors go well with silver jewelry, there are only a few that do not go very well like shades of yellow and brown.

Gold is the most tarnish-free, ductile and malleable metal that remains strong even in the form of thin gold wires. However, this is not the case if the gold jewelry is of a lower karat value and is mixed with higher proportions of other metals. Once bought, the charm and shine of the gold jewelry persists for years to come without undergoing much change. The same cannot be said about silver jewelry. Also, depending on the other metal alloys used to make silver jewelry, there are higher probabilities of the tarnish or an oxidized coat to transfer to your skin causing dark colored patches on skin. Gold on the other hand in some of the purest forms like 24K, 22K or 18K of the highest quality devoid the skin of any allergic or pigmentation problems.

In conclusion, the resale value of silver in the current times is much higher than gold and so is the wallet factor on them. Gold can add eons of dazzle and charm to your personality but has limited use since they do not go along with every type of fashion, on the other hand, silver jewelry not only is versatile when it comes to its appearance and how well it matches ones clothes or other accessories they look great with any additional parts embedded like colorful precious stones.

Discovering The Ideal Wedding Ring Jewelry Merchant

In terms of buying the best engagement ring, we know that this is as important as the marriage proposal, as well as that it is in addition as important as the wedding ceremony reception as well. Simply because this diamond engagement ring shall be something that reminds anyone of some thing wonderful, a precious instant in your life, the diamond engagement ring is required to be next to nothing except fantastic.

It’s not difficult to get a ring for engagement that you choose. You will discover magnificent engagement rings on the web or perhaps by going to a local jewelry shop close to you, although this is the simple fact – when it comes to purchasing engagement rings, it is not What you may find out about engagement rings, gemstones as well as the level of quality of rare metal that means something, it really is Exactly who the engagement ring vendor is and his good reputation through the engagement ring

Regardless of how flourishing the engagement ring dealer is, a deceitful wedding ring owner will attempt his or her very best to scam you about the quality and value of any engagement rings he / she sells. This is to be sure maximum profit. Even the most seasoned as well as established engagement ring retailer will be shady and may make an attempt to try this.

Even so, there is a good number honest diamond engagement ring vendors who is going to supply you with a great bargain even if you have no knowledge with regards to engagement rings. Their particular emphasis is not really to fool you. Although the most significant quality that an straightforward diamond engagement rings company provides is the fact that he or she is attempting to offer you value for money as well as build confidence including a long-term business relationship together with you. They desire you to take the diamond engagement ring home, show it off to your friends and relatives, after which provide great testimonials pertaining to the spot where you obtained the engagement ring as well as precisely what a great price you got for that engagement ring. It is to their benefit for you to purchase one engagement ring, and come back for the wedding ring. It really is to their own advantage that you simply count on and possess confidence within them that you recommend the diamond engagement ring retailer to your friends, relative, aunts and uncles in order that they may purchase their own engagement rings, wedding rings, and diamond jewelry from them.

All jewelry wholesalers along with engagement ring sellers have the same pool of precious stone and gold sources throughout the nation. The difference is in the company and how much profit they wish to make through you for that sale made with the diamond engagement ring.

Finally, don’t forget to check around and search a little more before you buy any diamond engagement ring. The vast majority of jewelry merchants stock identical as well as similar (if not far better) design of engagement wedding rings and you can find different discounts for them in another place.

Countries Jewelry Consumption Market Dynamic

The United States: the new generation will become miscalculates consumption subject. 1970 years after the birth of the new generation of about 55 million people, for the cost of purchasing jewelry clothing every year about 37 billion dollars. New generation of women like price moderate silver jewelry, fresh water pearls and do STH unconventional or unorthodox, has a symbolic jewelry.
France: commercial center had replaced small stores. Gold jewelry consumption accounts for 62% of the market, the main certain business center gold jewellery cheap and fine.
English: “design” had become a major selling point. 51% of the British people have jewelry. 18 K gold products continue to rise, 14 K gold novel style also is a European market. Recently, the design is novel jewelry alternative gold jewellery.
Canada: had low and middle diamond popular. 80% of Canadian women have diamond jewelry in 1996, the total sales volume of $830 million. At present the most popular diamond in low price. In addition, the pearl necklace, metagems protector, leather bags, lighter also began to enter jewelry store.
Portuguese: new regulations had affected market development. They make gold jewellery for 19.25 K (the government regulations including the golden ratio limit), recent champions league relevant organizations to develop a regulations, including the golden ratio will be lowered to 18 K, 14 K and 9 K, for out of habit, reduce the Portuguese sales.
Hungary: the younger generation took silver preference. Gold and silver ornaments has been the country’s women most like to act the role of article, and a younger generation prefer price low style changeful silver is acted the role of. Gold jewelry for more than 40 years old people buy. Cheap jewelry also of considerable development space.
Took Spain: the pearl accessories popular. Japan, accounting for 70% of sales market pearl, time for China’s fresh water from the south China sea beads and flat type of pearl and black pearls. By 18 K gold jewelry, mainly for young people to silver ornaments special favour.
Germany: market in long-term miscalculates flagging. Mainly for export, of which 70% is gold, platinum jewelry, 7% for silver products. Mainly sold to Switzerland, France, Belgium, Japan and North America.
Had the Netherlands: design requirement for concise pay attention to environmental protection. To set the jewelry is given priority to, high, medium and low-grade all have market, senior jewelry company from famous brand, accounted for only 1% of the market, mainly is 40 years old women consumption. By professional designers design, midrange average all has the brand, accounting for about 15% of the market. Not brand and quality, design of tin products, mainly is the cheaper price, product cycle short (a quarter), consumer mainly for 30 years old young people, the market rate of 64%.
Swiss: consumption is transiting two level of development, demand the most is set high quality, a single diamond 18 K gold ring, time for 18 K gold earrings, necklaces, bracelets (chain) and pearl necklaces, earrings, jade and platinum jewelry. Young people like cheap trendy silver ornaments with precious stones.
Egypt: simulation jewelry had a good prospect. The mainland of China’s man-made stone jewelry market in 1996 into Egypt, has dominated the import 52% of the market, and Italy and China Taiwan imitation jewelry products gone from bad to worse.
Iran: rejection miscalculates artificial gem jewelry, like 18 K gold jewelry, and that is a hedge against inflation means savings. And artificial gem jewelry is considered to be the western cultural symbol, thus be rejected.
Transiting venezuela: the market demand slump. Due to the committee, national currency devaluation purchasing power, jewelry market downturn, artificial jewelry, simulation accessories low prices, more popular.
Turkey: teenagers had become the mainstream of the purchase artificial stones. A few high consumer still value gold and silver jewelry and really the jewels. And 9 million 15 ~ 20 years old of adolescents are looking to prices moderate artificial jewelry, artificial jewelry stores like emerge the ground appeared.