Gold Jewelry Tragedy In Nigeria Leads To Severe Lead Poisoning

Gold Jewelry may be beautiful, but digging up gold can be very dangerous if you dont know what youre doing. In continents like Africa, which never really got out of the idol worship polytheistic the gods are in control of everything and history has no direction mentality, have never caught up with the rest of the world. They are, and have always been, people of the land. Make your living off the land, and thats it. So much of the poor countries make their living off of what they can dig up from the earth. Gold is one of those things, and gold jewelry is what they sell. The problem is, in order to make gold jewelry, you have to first separate gold form gold ore. And usually, this ore contains lead, which you definitely dont want as part of your gold jewelry, mostly since it is lethal.

But since countries like Nigeria rely on gold jewelry markets to make their living, they have to separate the ore, and with that comes lead into their soil, and from there, lead poisoning is not far behind. And so it happened that this year, 163 people were killed by lead poisoning in a village in Nigeria, after it had been discovered that lead made up 10,000 parts per per million in the soil. Thats 1% lead. Thats really, really high, and very, very deadly. The problem with the gold jewelry mining industry is that if its not regulated and its every family for itself, the lead has nowhere to go but down and into the drinking water. Aside from 163 people dying, thousands have been effected by the adverse effects of lead poisoning. And gold jewelry isnt going to make them feel any better about it.

Right now, theyre simple taking the top soil and throwing it into plastic bags to shipped off and forever unbothered like nuclear waste. What will happen to the gold jewelry industry there remains unclear but it probably wont end, since they have no way of making money and sustaining themselves. And even if the villagers know for now that gold ore can kill you if you dont extract the gold safely, there probably wont be much regulation, since African culture is a tribal culture, and governments dont really know what theyre doing exactly. It is likely that the gold jewelry industry will be slightly more safe as individual families do what they can to protect themselves against lead poisoning, but a concerted effort to regulate the gold jewelry industry in any African country save South Africa seems far fetched.

And we cant simply go in and build infrastructure for them. Western culture cannot be forced on African culture. Any initiative will have to be their own. All we can do is warn. So if youre wearing any gold jewelry right now, appreciate it. Someone may have gone through much danger to get it to you from the Earth.

Greater China Gems And Jewelry Industry Outlook To 2015

Executive Summary

The report titled Greater China Gems and Jewelry Industry Outlook to 2015 provides a comprehensive analysis on the gems and jewelry industry in China and Hong Kong, covering various aspects such as market size of the gems and jewelry sector on the basis of revenue generated from retail sales, market segmentation on the basis of retail sales of gold jewelry, diamond jewelry and other precious stones jewelry segments, major gems and jewelry import and export market size and segments. The report also entails competitive landscape and profiles of the major players operating in the gems and jewelry industry. The SWOT Analysis is also provided to understand the market conditions in each country. The report also covers future projections to provide an insight on the prospects in the gems and jewelry industry.

Greater China, which consists of Mainland China and Hong Kong is a major jewelry market and is currently the second largest market in Asia closely behind India and is poised to topple India to become the leading gems and jewelry consuming region in Asia in 2011.

China witnessed a growth of around ~ in 2010 to record retail gems and jewelry sales worth of around USD ~ billion in 2010. This growth was backed by the economic recovery in 2010 which resulted in increased personal disposable income and rise in consumer spending on luxury goods.

Hong Kong is home to many domestic and foreign jewelry retailers. Some major domestic retailers include Chow Sang Sang, Chow Tai Fook, Luk Fook, Tse Sui Luen, 3D-Gold, Imperial, King Fook, Ma Belle and Madiaetc. Chow Tai Fook recorded annual revenue of USD ~ billion in fiscal year ending December 2011 while Chow Sang Sang showcased revenue of USD ~ billion in FY ending March 2011. Hong Kong jewelry sector is chiefly an export oriented market and is the fourth largest fine jewelry exporting country after Italy, the US and Switzerland.

Chinas total gems and jewelry sales is expected to cross USD ~ billion mark by 2014 and will record sales worth of USD ~ billion by 2015 at an expected 5 year CAGR of ~%. Gold jewelry which held a 55% market share in 2010 is expected to grow at a 5 year CAGR of 16.4% to clock sales worth USD ~ billion and hold a market share of ~% by 2015.

The number of rich people are on the rise in Greater China and are growing at a fast pace. They have higher propensity to spend on jewelry than the middle class. For the growing rich and elite class in Greater China, jewelry is more of a necessity than luxury, thus resulting in increased consumption. The wealthy class is estimated to expand more in the future, which will fuel the growth of jewelry industry.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:
-The market size of gems and jewelry by retail sales, imports and exports
-Market segmentation and market share on the basis of retail sales of gold jewelry, diamond jewelry and other jewelry segments. Segmentation of gems and jewelry import and export segments inclusive of the major 5 import and export destinations.
-Trends and developments pertaining to this industry.
-Retailers profiles of the major players operating in the region
-SWOT analysis of gems and jewelry industry
-Future outlook and projections of the retail sales of gems and jewelry and its segments till 2015 along with cause and effect relationship analysis between macro-economic and industry factors and industrys prospects
-Macro-economic and industry factors including population, GDP, tourist arrivals and receipts, metals and mineral production with regard to gems and jewelry industry

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Avoid Fake Korean Jewelry Wholesale

If you are thinking about purchasing Korean jewelry wholesale, then keep in mind that there are plenty of fake Korean jewelry wholesale suppliers as well. Due to the rise in the popularity of Korean jewelry wholesale, more and more people started to sell fake Korean jewelry in order to make quick cash. Such jewelry items are low in quality, but charge very high prices. Therefore, when you are looking for Korean jewelry, make sure that you do proper research on the online store.

The reliability of an online store can be easily determined by its reviews. There are two types of reviews, one of which is available on the website in the shape of product reviews; the other is available on different online review based websites. Therefore, when you are shopping for Korean jewelry, you should consider all of these reviews in order to determine the reliability of the online store. Only by ensuring the reliability of the online store, you can purchase reliable Korean jewelry.

Buy From Reputable Suppliers

Many people want to start a jewelry business in order to make money. However, in order to make your business successful, you will need quality wholesale jewelry, so that you can offer competitive prices to your customers. Making profits from a jewelry store is not easy these days, because of the intense competition in this field. If you want to make your business successful, and if you want to make money from it, then you will have to offer the best quality Korean jewelry at lowest possible rates.

Doing so is only possible when you are buying jewelry from a reputable wholesaler. Only reputable wholesalers can offer you quality jewelry at competitive wholesale rates. For customers, quality matters, even if you are selling costume or Korean jewelry. This is because, every customer wants something worth their money and if there is no quality, then no one will buy the jewelry from your store. Therefore, it is important that you find a reputable wholesaler to buy stocks of wholesale jewelry and Korean jewelry wholesale, if you want to make your business successful.

Finding reputable wholesale suppliers is not difficult these days, thanks to the internet. You can easily search for Korean jewelry wholesale suppliers as well as supplier for normal wholesale jewelry as well. However, make sure to do a background check on them in order to find out if they are really reputable or not.

Prom Jewelry Sets Fit For A Queen

A lot of time and effort goes into choosing the perfect prom jewelry sets . From head to toe, you primp and prod, making sure that everything from your manicure to your hair is just right. Your prom jewelry is critical to completing the outfit and pulling your look together. Ideally, your jewelry will be like the icing on the cake, adding to the glam factor of your dress.

The best starting point when choosing your jewelry is to think about two things: your dress and your hair. These two things will dictate the type and style of jewelry that you wear.

The dress With a myriad of style options from which to choose, finding the perfect dress can sometimes be daunting. Once youve got it, accessorizing is the fun part. If you choose a simple black or monochrome dress, then you have the freedom to be bold with your accessories. Large chunky crystal necklaces, bold printed bangles or large beads give a great focal point to an otherwise average look. Up the style quotient with a multi-strand long beaded pearl necklace. Add a matching statement cocktail ring for added glam.

If your dress is covered in sequins, or beads, keep jewelry simple and sparkly, such as a pair of delicate drop earrings. For lace dresses, vintage or art deco pieces look fabulous and chic. Try a pair of stunning chandelier earrings or a jeweled choker to complete your look. Be careful not to wear jewelry that may snag or catch on threads from your dress.

The hair Sometimes, your hair style may be a deciding factor in what type of prom jewelry you wear. If you’re wearing your hair up and you have a strapless or one-shoulder dress, draw attention to your collarbone with a pair of great earrings or a short necklace. If youre going for au natural hair, earrings may get lost, so think about pulling hair to one side, or wearing a half up-do that will showcase your great gems.

Steal Michelle Obama’s Jewelry Style

A woman that exudes confidence and authority; that is First Lady Michelle Obama, clearly she matched his husband Pres. Barrack Obama’s equally influential persona. Since his husband assumed in his position as a president last January 2009, Michelle Obama had been a favorite subject of paparazzi, often photographed just to scrutinize the first lady’s fashion sense and her much talked about charms jewelry. I find it quite absurd, but then on the other hand, knowing her role as the wife of one the most powerful man in the world, then indeed it is inevitable. Go First Lady, show your dignified style.

Noticing the First Lady’s pictures, she is always photographed with personalized necklaces, her necklace with a HOPE dog tag pendant in particular. There had been rumors that it’s her necklace charm that made Obama the first African-American president in the history of America. But I doubt it, Obama won because he was elected by people, charm and magic has nothing to do with it. Mrs. Obama had been supportive during his husband entire campaign rallies from state to state.

Though, she was not born on the month June the public just cannot ignored the First Lady’s penchant for pearls. During her speech at Emily’s List gala during the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado her 36 inches pearl necklace that can be wrapped a couple times marked as one of her fashion statement.

Her dedication as a mother was known to public with the credits coming from paparazzi. One notable candid picture about the first family is when the president playfully raised his younger daughter, Sasha into the air with his both hands while Michelle and Malia were pictured laughing heartily while the family is about to board a private plane in Pueblo Memorial Airport. Despite the couple’s tight schedule they continue to attempt to schedule family time and date nights.

Pearl’s versatility make it an indispensable accent to any mothers jewelry. From necklace, bracelets down to earrings, name it, you can find any jewelry made and accentuated of pearls. All mothers’ regardless of his social status deserves gift. This holiday season take time to find a special gift only jewelry can deliver.