Garment industry competitive advantage using information technology

Second only to Guangdong Province, Zhejiang Province, is the main garment production base. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the first quarter of this year, Zhejiang textile and apparel exports reached 4.98 billion U.S. dollars, up 31.5% over last year, prospects for spring infinite. Including Hangzhou, Ningbo and Wenzhou, and other key cities the size of clothing production is rising. However, because many manufacturers are small and medium enterprises in the province, rapid growth has brought them a lot of potential problems: allocation of resources and talents more tense, materials and processes become more complex. To properly manage and ensure that all orders shipped on time, is that many companies feel headache. Many manufacturers are trying to refer to the management of other companies in order to achieve the production process more systematic. But first and foremost a systematic enterprise, is to strictly implement information management, internal communication and increase corporate transparency, so the industry needs for enterprise resource management system is the best option.
In Hong Kong and elsewhere, many manufacturers have already adopted such programs for management, was satisfactory. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Aegwynn (iGarment) is the focus for the clothing industry, enterprise resource management system provides application service provider. The company has been noted as early as 10 years ago, the market demand, it has developed for the garment industry, enterprise resource management tools needed, and actively promoting to many Hong Kong and China manufacturers, the system of quality manufacturers have been praised and affirmed.
Aegwynn Mr. Deng Zhaoming director, said the company is very concerned about China’s market, the company’s business from the Mainland is growing rapidly, except in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen set up offices, opened in 2004 and has offices in Hangzhou. Mr Tang said: “The post-quota era is a perfect time for the manufacturers to re-examine how to enhance their competitiveness and efficiency, systematic work to catch up with market demand. Therefore, we also aim at this demand, greater efforts implemented in Zhejiang province for the apparel industry, enterprise information management solutions. ”
Flexible use of enterprise resource management products, will be business process information, so that the management company at any time to master the operation and make the right deployment is to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, speed up the process of internationalization of the best way. Customers simply connect to the Internet and through a software installed on Aegwynn computer, can immediately access their own systems, keep track of progress and record companies, have more than one factory on business or travel frequently with the management to great convenience. SMEs are generally considered cost-sensitive issue, the program monthly rent (ASP) offerings. Customers only need to pay a certain monthly fee, you can enjoy the same set of resource management systems and a range of support services including the use of databases and servers, data backup, network security and cross-regional technical support. Mr Tang said confidently: “East China’s apparel industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. With our extensive experience in the garment industry, we are confident to help local manufacturers to create new heights in business.”

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Recover Fast After Liposuction With Compression Garments

The popularity of liposuction has increased over the years. It is not just confined to celebrities. Compression garments are special attires that are tailored to help patients recover from liposuction surgery. They are designed to bring down the pain of the surgery as well as reduce recovery time.

The doctors suggest to patients who have undergone liposuction apply some pressure to the treated area. Wearing compression clothing is one of the best ways of applying pressure to the body after surgery. It is also the most comfortable and convenient way. These are user-friendly garments that are made of fabrics like Lycra, Nylon, Spandex or Tactel.

Why do you need to wear compression garments after liposuction? After liposuction moved the skin needs to be held close to the body to promote healing. These garments also help in faster recovery by enhancing blood circulation, minimizing swelling and preventing infection of the body.

The length of time for which a patient might need to wear these garments depends upon the type of liposuction surgery. The post-surgery garments are of various types. There are full body garments that contain parts for the mid and lower part of the body, back, flanks, hips, knees, arms, calves, thighs etc.

There are abdominal garments that are worn after abdominal liposuction or tummy tuck as is popularly called. There are facial compression garments that are put on after a facelift. They are designed to cover areas like chin, lower face and also the neck area. Similarly there are like garments for arms, shoulders and other parts of the body.

Compression garments can be donned underneath regular clothing like underwear. You can continue to wear regular clothes over the garments.

Compression outfits also have non medicinal usage too. They are used for body shaping and body slimming as they are tight fitting clothing. However there is a good deal difference between medical and non medical garments. Medical garments can result in higher level of compression than non medical ones.

The medical garments are also more durable than non medical ones. The medical garments can be worn be worn for up to 6 to 8 weeks without losing its compressing capacity. The non medical ones are for short term. If worn day long they may lose compression. Always seek proper medical advice when using compression garments.

But before you use such a garment always check its quality. Go for the comfortable, well fitting and good quality garments, even if you have to pay a few more dollars for them. Also remember, that too much use of these garments can cause disorders. Use as instructed by your doctor. Always remember that a compression outfits need to be comfortable to the human body to minimize the affects of plastic surgery.

Now how to wash compression attires? Using wrong methods of washing can damage the compression of the garments. The best method is putting the garment in the washing machine on gentle cycles. Some may require hand washing. Use a lower cycle in the dryer or air dry. Always check the manufacturers instructions.

Wuxi Founded China’s First Textile And Garment Machinery Market

China Suppliers, and my work is to promote a free online trade platform. contain a great deal of information about front door handles,brand new fork,velcro sanding disc, welcome to visit! “> – Machinery for the textile and apparel industry to create new market “engine” Reputation for “the world cloth terminal” famous Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, will be the standard set up International Conference and Exhibition of China’s first pan-Textile Machinery specialized market – Wuxi New World International Textile and Garment Machinery City, designed for the country’s textile, printing and dyeing, leather, knitting, sewing and other machinery manufacturing enterprises to provide an international platform for exchange and trade. The establishment of the market for the current China’s textile and garment enterprises and their machinery manufacturing enterprises sent a wave of spring to warm.

Textile and garment industry has always been a pillar industry in Wuxi, with a full, equipped with a complete, enterprise strong, strong coordination of the characteristics of the industry. 1928 Wuxi textile and garment, textile machinery companies have jointly donated the construction of the city’s first reinforced concrete structure bridge – the labor movement Bridge, the bridge faced with Wuxi Railway Station, its design, functionality and quality are not far behind This fully reflects the time scale of Wuxi strength of textile and garment industry.

Wuxi’s textile and garment industry after years of development, has formed a chemical fiber, textile, printing and dyeing, clothing, textile machinery manufacturing, consisting of a complete industrial chain, the existing above-scale textile and garment enterprises in 1044, employed 283,000 people, the main business income about 150 billion, accounting for 18.5% in Jiangsu Province, where woolen cloth, chemical fiber production in the country’s total respectively 20% and 10%, and the entire industry out the main economic aggregates of the national top three cities. There are seven Wuxi textile and garment enterprises in China’s A-share market has become a unique “Wuxi textile and apparel section.”

Wuxi take the lead in the establishment of textile and garment machinery market, on the one hand, there are a number of textile and garment enterprises in the local market demand for support, more than 500 local textile and garment machinery manufacturing enterprises and support of technologies and products; the other hand, it has located in the the Yangtze River Delta hinterland superior industrial environment and market resources, location and other characteristics unique conditions for development. The establishment of this specialized market has also captured the development of China’s textile and apparel industry, the best historical opportunity, so it all over the country for the Yangtze River Delta, or the development of textile and apparel industry to provide more professional support for the modernization of the market.

According to industry analysis: the impact of the global financial crisis, China’s textile and garment industry, while facing a “winter” test, but since June 2009 the entire textile and apparel machinery industry has begun to contrarian growth, which shows China’s textile and garment industry in the structure adjustment, expansion of domestic demand in the energy savings and a bottoming out in order for the post-crisis period, textile and garment machinery industry with a great market demand.

At the same time, modern industrial development is inseparable from an advanced service industries. Because China’s textile machinery industry has been no professional market, resulting in hundreds of thousands of textile and garment manufacturers purchase cost and textile machinery manufacturing enterprises is the high cost of sales for many years. From the business performance, the industry of professional textile machinery market, the long-awaited. But they also agreed that after the establishment of textile machinery specialized market, foreign companies and brands will drive straight, level of competition in the market would be aggravated.

Moreover, China’s textile machinery business over the years fledgling, but also to the fully competitive and open market, the professional ambitions. This in turn is precisely with the current restructuring of China’s textile and garment industry, industrial upgrading and industrial transfer of development consistent with the strategic objectives. The understanding, Wuxi New World International Textile and Garment Machinery town master plan area of 30 million square meters, a total up to 8,000 shops, including an area of about 10 million square meters, with standard shop 2000. This set of technology, information, trade, exhibition, forum, research and development as one of the textile and garment machinery specialized market have already started investment is expected to open in October next year. This indicates that China’s textile and garment machinery products are not professional market history will soon end.

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Multi-featured Garment Software

Current fashion and apparel industry needs to remain focused on production quality and pioneering production process in tune with the latest trends. Technological advancements of apparel software have enabled several manufacturers and importers in enhancing their business standards. This has significantly resulted in the boom of such software in the garment industry. It facilitates organizations in improving in-house communications and helps to manage and compile data on a multi-user accessible database.

Implementation of innovative technologies is very essential for sustaining one’s stand amidst stiff market competition. The multi-featured apparel software is totally integrated and modular and features user friendly application. This software is ideal for garment production planning and caters to the apparel and fashion industry. Covering the life cycle of apparel manufacturing, this cutting-edge software is designed and developed using latest technology. This comprehensive and feature-rich software is flexible enough to cater to the requirements of small, medium and large apparel companies. Production and training, customer file management, order processing, style cost sheets etc. are efficiently managed by this software. Besides, the garment software enables easy operations for garment industry in product designing, developing, sourcing, sampling and distribution etc. Featuring supplier access screen, sample management screen, order placement screen, etc, it accelerates business profits saving unprecedented time and money. The web-based system is specially designed to offer total software solution for pre-production, production and post production phases. Apparel ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions address business domains in the apparel industry. This modular software package meets the demands and requirements of apparel manufacturers and importers. Easy to use, this software supports strategic planning and reduces operating cost.

Streamlining the entire process cycle in apparel manufacturing, the innovative software helps in attaining prompt response to customer demands. These integrated, cost effective and proven business softwares provide better business process management for fashion and garment industry.

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Garment Closures – The Basic Features You Must Know!

With the presence of advanced marketing tools, apparel industry is again booming in a large way. In the last one decade, global audience has seen many ups and downs in this industry. The business activities have been affected with this on a larger extent. Now with this boom, the demands of garment closures and other industry demands have grown a lot. In many parts of the world, garment industry is one of the leading industries which have a vital contribution in the employment and national economy.

Every country differs in its marketing ways. With the demand of garment closures worldwide, exports have been increased. Moreover, there are many other trends in this industry which are falling apart because they are not able to meet the expectations of the market. The presence of big market of garment closure increases the employment and helps in increasing the economy of the country as well.

With both online and offline options available in the market, you can easily fetch the information of any product of the garment industry. Online many portals are available which provides all the relevant information and in concrete manner so that you get to know about all the nuances and present situation of this industry. Similarly, offline means the traditional way of approaching in the market and then searching for the information for your specific product. Many categories of garment closures are available in market and hence it’s not a daunting task to find the information for them. Analyzing the demands of the market, looking for the latest trends enhances your chances in knowing every aspect of this industry. To know more about the garment closures, you should know about the kinds of apparels which are more in demand or less in demand.

There are umpteen numbers of websites are available which provides the information related to the garment closures and they also educate you so that you can know how to get success in this industry by the different methods to crack deals. All the information included in these websites is made for everyone and it caters a large number of people every day for the same purpose, such is the demand of this industry. To get the regular updates of this industry, you simply need to register yourself in these websites and at times registration on some of the sites related to this industry is absolutely free of cost.

What all you need to have is a valid email id. Many investors, distributors, wholesalers, buyers and sellers make their personal accounts on these sites and thus they get regular updates of the garment industry. Also these persons get in touch with the experienced campaigners who have already joined these sites in order to know the best ways to generate profit by investing in this industry and you can even look the market surveys on regular basis.

Hence, people should know about the kind of garment closures which are coming in the market and also about the way to approach them in the best way.

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