Plastic Garment Bags

Plastic garment bags are basically large bags which are used to store different types of garments and clothes. These are more often than not used in places such as laundries and dry cleaning stores for packing suits, gowns, dresses and other clothing. They are also used in many garment stores for packing clothes when they are being sold to a customer or delivered to his house. These plastic garment bags are very popular all over the world.

The plastic garment bags have many advantages. They help to keep the folds of the garment intact as well as keeps them wrinkle free. At the same time, they make sure that the clothes do not get dirty, spoiled or harmed by dirt or grime. They also show the garments fully, depending on whether the bag is clear or colored. This particular feature proves to be very useful to garment stores, laundries and dry cleaning shops as they display the clothes while keeping them from getting harmed.

The plastic garment bags are by and large available in large rolls, from which the individual plastic garment bags can be torn off as and when they are required. These rolls can vary depending on how many bags there are in a roll. The minimum bags in a roll are generally one hundred and the numbers of bags in a roll can go up to thousand or even more.

Usually it is seen that as the number of bags per roll increases, the price of the roll also increases. This however, depends on the brand and the company from which the customers are buying the rolls. The thickness of the roll also varies, depending on whether the garment bags are intended for suits, dresses or gowns. When buying in bulk, the price per roll may come down depending on the number of rolls bought.

The leather industry had always played a vital role in our society, from the days when leather hides were used as shields and protective clothing in battles to very stylish trendy fashion accessories of the modern day. Leather garments not only provide protection against the cold winter but they also prove as a vital part of our fashion statement. The industry has gone through a lot of changes and has come on top a winner on every front through its design and innovativeness.

Leather is a material created through the tanning of hides and animal skin that consists of mostly cattle hide. The process of tanning involves converting the primary form of the animal skin into a durable, long-lasting and versatile natural material for different uses. Pure leather is highly regarded throughout the world for its durability and long lasting use.

Abad Apparel Park 27 Garment Makers To Get Land

Over two dozen garment manufacturers in Ahmedabad can finally weave their export plans.
In all, 27 companies, mostly Ahmedabad-based, will soon be allotted land in the Ahmedabad Apparel Park, the special economic zone (SEZ) promoted by Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC).
Sources familiar with the development said these 27 companies have been selected on the basis of their export performance in the last three years and other criteria. Surprisingly, applications of three major textile players Jindal, Chiripals Nandan Exim and Soma Textiles have not been considered by the development committee. Sources said Jindals application was turned down since the company had submitted a wrong balance-sheet.
With the land allotment completed and customs formalities almost done, we expect the SEZ to start production within 8-9 months, a senior GIDC officer told TOI.
Among the 27 companies to be allotted land, eight are from Mumbai and one from New Delhi.wholesale apparel manufacturers Maxwell Industries of Mumbai is so far the biggest investor in the apparel park with proposed investment of Rs 35 crore. The total garment exports from this apparel park are expected to be to the tune of Rs 4,000 crore once it is fully functional.
In all, 51 companies had applied for plots in this park, which has been a roller coaster ride for the GIDC. Earlier, it was the Ambika Mills land on which it has come up that became a legal hassle and later an issue pertaining to a corporation road passing through it, which delayed the project. apparel manufacturers india
Besides these reasons, this project got entangled in the recent national political fracas over acquisition of agriculture land for SEZs, despite there being no issue of farmland involved.apparel manufacturer The delay in notifying this SEZ had also prompted Chief Minister Narendra Modi to intervene and write to Union commerce minister Kamal Nath for expediting the process.
There are 44 plots varying between 1,000 sq m and 3,000 sq m in size in this park. The GIDC has developed the road and other infrastructure over 20 hectares of land in this park.

Title Fabrics & Readymade Garments Wear The Perfect Attire

Fashion technology seems to be growing very rapidly. Each individual want to go with the trend and fashion and hence wear the most fashionable attire. Whatever we wear depicts our individuality. Our persona is reflected by the kind of cloth we wear.

With changing time, type of clothes changes. Everyone goes with the fashion and grab the latest attire. Be it readymade garments, fabrics or anything, whatever is new and fashionable, people rush to have it.

Be it a man, woman or a kid, all of us wants to look the best one and hence we have our own choice and preferences. This has given rise to multiple industries. Companies engaged in the production of clothes, keep on researching what is new and hire the best fashion designer so that can deliver the best possible clothes to the world.

Readymade garment industry is one of the booming industries. IT is on the peak now and getting huge popularity. With each passing day it is going on stretching its arm widely. Readymade garment sector is not only important for its contribution to export earning but it is very much important for the generation of foreign exchange and employment at the same time.

If we think from the perspective of consumers, they feel much better buy buying these readymade garments. As per their need they can easily buy these clothes and can wear them instantly. This is not at time consuming and you can buy the one that fits you exactly by giving a graceful and sophisticated look.

Apart from the readymade garment industry, fabrics too are equally important. These are used as a raw material in the readymade garment industry for the production of fie clothes.

Other than this, many people do not like the readily available clothes in the market. They prefer to buy the fabrics and according to their wish they can make the perfect cloth from it as per their choice.

Both of these fabrics as well as readymade garments are booming industry all over the world. In all the market these are available in bulks. Accessibility is not at all an issue with these clothing. Variety of designs and various price ranges makes it possible for everyone to buy these readymade garments or fabrics with an ease.

When it comes to clothing, each of us desires to have the best as per the latest fashion and trend. As our persona is reflected from the kind of attire we carry, it is necessary to be very specific while choosing the perfect clothes. Be it readymade garment or fabrics, all plays a vital role and hence men, women or kids, all are very much conscious while opting the best clothing. These are available in the market in bulks and with range of price tags.

What Everybody Ought To Know About Garment Rack

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Designer Range of Dresses by Indian Garment Exporters

There has always been an upsurge in demand for Indian garments in the global fashion market. People from different countries all across the globe love to wear Indian garments in traditional or contemporary styles that best reflect the rich culture and heritage of the land. >

The Indian fashion industry has undergone drastic change over time and today there is no dearth of fashion in the country. This is mainly because of the increase in number of fashion designers who come up with latest and innovative designs that undeniably captivate the heart and mind of the beholder. The attractive repertoire is available in online and retail stores. When it comes to select the best range of dresses that can add unique style quotient to the wearer, shopping online becomes a very convenient option.

Indian readymade garment exporters offer a diverse assortment of formal and casual dresses. The styles and designs of such dresses are appreciated globally. Today Indian garment fashion has made a mark in the global fashion industry thereby gaining a strong market rapport over the years. Owing to the quality production of a great variety of fashionable outfits for all ages, there has been a ceaseless demand for the same in other countries and its impact can be felt in the unprecedented growth of garment and apparel production companies in India.

Indian garment exporters strive to cater to the global customer demands. They procure or manufacture best quality garments that are thoroughly tested for durability, shrinkage, color fastness, stitch and soft fabrics. They ensure that every consignment of garments to be exported abroad are totally seamless and can meet the taste and requirement of customers. The garment exporters from India make sure that the garments are designed and manufactured as per international standards. In addition to quality production of the gamut, they also check best packaging of the consignments so that there are no damages to the products during the transit process.

Fashion conscious men women and kids of different age groups who like to flaunt in style opt for Indian dresses. The designer collection can be availed at reasonable rates and add to one’s persona and style statement. Offered in different sizes, the range is also customized in adherence to the specific demands of clients.

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