Using Rolling Garment Rack For Several Usages

A garment rack is a great alternative for storing clothes that you want to keep but are not wearing right at the moment. By using this tool, you will be easier to store your winter clothes for summer season and your summer clothes for winter season. You can find multiple racks to fit the number of clothes that you want to store.

The garment rack can hold up to 50 pieces of clothing or more. It depends on the type of clothing that you want to hang. If you are hanging thick clothes like the fluffy sweaters and jackets, then you will find that fewer pieces will be able to fit when holding a significant amount of clothing.

Garment rack is very useful for anybody, either it is for home use, or for the use of selling clothes at a retail store. In the stores, this can save space and time. For a home use, this can be very handy for a family for the uses of storage or for helping with the laundry, or for whatever reason you would need it.

One of the most favorite racks that used by many people is rolling garment rack. This tool can really help in the apparel industry such as in wholesale, manufacturing, or retail. You can use it to load up your garments, whatever they might be, on the racks and then roll them right up to the truck and into the truck for delivery to your clients. When the garments arrive, they can be put out quickly for sale rather than be in boxes for days until opened. This is certainly necessary in these hard times for the retailers.

Moreover, you can also put this tool in front of the stores to induce the customers to enter. At the flea markets, whether inside or outside, garment rack is commonly a good place for keeping the merchandise. There is not a corner of the world which does not have the flea market without this important tool.

Furthermore, if you want to use a garment rack in your home, you can consider designing your own garment rack. This is an excellent way to express your creativity while organizing your home or office. The rack actually has a similar basic shape with few different areas that are easily modified. When you have flexed your designing muscles with garment rack, you will be able to easily move on to the more challenging project like walk-in closets and wardrobes.

If you want to buy rolling rack, Stacks and Stacks Rolling Garment Rack can be a great alternative for you to consider. It is designed to efficiently store long garments. This type of clothing rack is made from beautify and sturdy natural birch. It is available in both the single and double garment rack.

Killed in Bangladesh Garment Factory Fire

Officials in Bangladesh say at least eight people died in a garment factory fire in the capital late Wednesday.

The fire erupted in the Tung Hai Sweater Factory in Dhaka’s Mirpur district after most workers had gone home.

Authorities say police and garment factory officials were holding a meeting in the 11-story building when the fire broke out.

Earlier Wednesday, the Bangladesh government said it had shut down 18 garment factories for safety reasons following the April 24 collapse of a building housing five garment factories. The death toll from that incident has risen to more than 900.

Bangladesh’s $20-billion textile industry accounts for nearly 80 percent of the country’s exports.

The U. S. state department says it held a conference call with U.S. buyers of Bangladesh ready-made garments Wednesday and urged them to work together with factory owners, labor organizations and the Bangladesh government to improve labor safety and the lives or working people. In a statement the department said it encouraged the buyers to coordinate their efforts, which might include paying for independent safety and fire inspectors.

Find Best Garment Exporters In India

Few garment exporters in India have global presence to cater to international market. However just a small number of these garment exporters are strategically located giving access to niche markets for their quality products and services that are in demand. Specializing in direct wholesale and distribution in global markets with honesty and integrity have placed just few of the garment exporters India on top of the industry. These companies have good specialised teams who offer professional services to clients. Open communication and loyalty to clients is what sets them apart from other garment exporters. Superior quality and on time delivery are strictly followed to ensure that customers get value for their money. What do they offer? Reputed garment exporters India offer an assortment of clothing such as children’s garments, women’s garments, men’s garments, uniforms for industries like healthcare, schools, hotels, manufacturing companies, corporate houses, industrial units, security agencies, etc, soft furnishings like bed-sheets, embroidered pillow covers, bathrobes, towels, napkins, table covers, etc. Customers can customize their clothing and clothing accessories, they can also request personalizing the accessories. Apart from garment, garment exporters also deal in men, women and kids footwear such as school, sports and fashion footwear, uniform accessories such as cap peaks, die cut labels, badges, name badges, medals, belts, emblems, banners, flags, whistle, school badges, cords, tassels, etc. They can be custom made according to the client’s specifications and in any colours. Only reputed garment exporters guarantee good quality and durability of all their products. Wholesale Clothing India: If you are planning to establish a retail clothing unit, it is good to first look for a wholesale clothing India distributor who can guarantee highest quality products, good price and on time delivery. Deep discounts maybe a lure but only a good garment exporter with a global presence can provide high quality products. Therefore choose the one who has carved a niche in the international industry and can guarantee satisfying services to customers, right from purchasing to shipping the products.

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China Garment Accessories Industry Analysis

Accessories Industry Development of China’s status

A result of textiles and garments, bags, footwear, sporting goods, driven in recent years, China’s zipper production increased year by year in sales, accounting for about half of global sales. The next few years, China’s output will continue to zip around 20% average annual growth rate. In 2004, China’s zipper output reached 28 billion meters, direct and indirect export volume reached over 80% of total production. At present, the zipper has a certain scale processing enterprises in more than 2000, mainly in Zhejiang, Guangdong and Fujian provinces, to zipper production, sales-based industry cluster base is taking shape.

It is hard to imagine a small zipper concentration of 30000 patents, including the technology, design and other aspects. In recent years, the introduction of foreign advanced production equipment at the same time, my zipper has greatly improved the level of production technology, which is the continued growth of China’s zipper output of important reasons. However, in the high-end zipper market, especially for supporting an internationally renowned brand, my part of the unstable quality of products and individuality zipper problem of insufficient is increasingly obvious.

Industry analysis, China’s garment accessories industry, large production capacity, the size of amazing, but the lack of effective integration and product innovation, the entire garment industry value chain, enhance the role of the not so obvious. China in particular has long been relying on auxiliary products low-price competition, brand strategy, serious deficiencies, resulting in low value-added products, business to survive the difficulties and the role of the whole industry chain, it seem unimportant.

With zipper, for example, China’s annual output of zipper 28 billion meters, more than 25 billion yuan in sales, employing more than 1 million people, is truly the world’s superpower zipper. But the Chinese zipper industry is great, but can not be called a strong level of product quality and innovation with the Japanese YKK compared to international brands such as the gap is not small, in the high-end clothing, bags, and assorted market share is not high, value-added products partial low. Zipper industry faces the problem reflects the surface throughout the garment accessories industry is big but not strong common embarrassment.

Cloth, buttons and other accessories apparel skeleton, eyes, which determines the quality of the clothing high or low, raising the grade of clothing plays a vital role. In particular, fusible interlining cloth, there is compatibility with the issue of clothing and fabrics. Understanding of clothing, fabric, accessories and fiber properties and development trends in order to achieve targeted, with a broad market space for development.

DP interlining series, water-soluble interlining series of green products will be Zouqiao market, which in 2004 a development focus, it is worth attention accessories manufacturers; in fashion lining, the thin elastic lining cloth popular; suit lining area to tie in with suit “light, thin, soft” style, the development phase compatibility with high-end suits interlining, professional clothing lining, it is necessary for the modern business wear “light, thin, soft, solemn” and other features, base cloth using multi-component materials, by the international advanced finishing methods, achieve environmental product requirements. In short, all kinds of cloth and fabric glue and after going to have a soft, comfortable, and rough style, Paul-type is good, washed, no deformation characteristics, but also fully embodies the personality types of clothing styles.

Unsaturated resin buttons colors varied, simulation and strong, excellent physical and chemical properties, has become the leading product; urea button pattern with a variety of horn, wood comparable, and high hardness, good wear resistance, dry cleaning, anti – UV, the Western countries more than 90% urea button suits; natural treasures – shell buttons, drawing on sea water and fresh water pearl shells, is the most innovative buttons; metal buttons – in particular by the precious metals, imitation precious metals (such as 18k gold-plated , silver, etc.) will be the focus of purchasing accessories apparel company; natural material buttons, such as nuts button, coconut button, Horn button, buckle and other precious stones will become a popular highlight, especially the gem buttons will be used for high fashion costume;-free seam button is no seam, and brought directly from the buttons on the device connected to some additional buttons on the garment, which buttons will be all kinds of casual wear is widely used; function buttons, is a high-tech fashion button, in addition to the role of clothing are connected, but also has a divergence fragrance, drug therapy, such as unexpected luminous energy storage function.

Other accessories, such as lining, zippers, metal fasteners, thread tape, trademarks, Xu material and padding are also an integral part of the garment, these accessories will be to meet the performance, while clothing, toward the high-tech, functional , health care and environment-friendly direction.


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Shanghai Garment Group of Functional specialty services to open the domestic market

Changes in mode of development, increase the technology content of clothing, development of functional clothing market – at the occasion of its 60th birthday, Shanghai Garment Group to produce a brilliant results: in 2009, the group overcome the financial crisis on the foreign owners the impact of the industry to achieve contrarian, the main revenue grew 10.6%, this year’s main business revenue is expected to reach 2.15 billion yuan. As a type of traditional clothing manufacturing enterprises, Shanghai Garment Group had the birth of China’s first professional model demonstration team, founded China’s first apparel specialty newspapers, has developed China’s first clothing technical standards, developed China’s first a set of apparel computer-aided design systems, the first to bear the internationally renowned fashion designers and fashion trends releases, lead designed the leaders attending the APEC meeting, “China filled” … … Rely on a strong scientific support, research and development of functional specialty apparel, Shanghai Garment Group in the traditional garment industry out of a string in the interpretation of “modern notes.” On the clothes Group Import & Export Co., Ltd. has independently developed the patented technology of a new generation of five multi-layer fire suit. This is the first in the successful development of a “fire-retardant insulation, waterproof breathable composite fabric”, the original single-layer insulation thickness of 2.94 millimeters, thinning the layer collapse is only 1.67 millimeters, weight per square meter from the original 150 grams, reduced to 90 grams. According to authoritative data, the product-related inspection of all 88 qualified, major technical indicators have reached or exceeded the international advanced level. Deal with the financial crisis, Shanghai Garment Group to actively expand the domestic market, the main business in the domestic market share has increased from 10% to 20%. At present, the fire service, emergency services, tank clothing, medical protective clothing, anti-bacterial insect field service and other functions of clothing, has been sold to more than 10 provinces, municipalities, fire units and oil enterprises. Among them, the new fire service also received the European Union Fire service quality management system certification, direct access to the European Union, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and many other countries, government procurement tenders through the market. At the same time, Shanghai Garment Group will work with Donghua University and other institutions to establish a production and research cooperation, and vigorously borrow “brain” and using creative design to enhance the level of apparel products. Today, the Group has three innovative parks with a total area of 2.4 thousand square meters, business occupancy rate above 80%. Most of these companies for the design, marketing, foreign trade and clothing-related creative industries, many of whom Belle Shoes, A & D clothing, textile, and other famous enterprises Shun pills. It is understood that the group is promoting the “Shanghai has of Maotai Road” Clothing engineering and construction of two creative parks, commercial buildings and the expansion of clothing suits Group Exhibition Center will be the welcoming bright March 25. The past three years, Shanghai Garment Group already has 114 of the patented technology, including inventions, utility model patents accounted for 17% of annual investment in R & D expenditures to maintain double-digit growth. Three-year development plan in the group to see, GPS satellite positioning function of clothes, anti-electromagnetic radiation fabric, anti-bacteria anti-virus multi-functional fabrics and many other research and development of new products have been included in the directory, some of them have embarked on research and development.

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